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Captioning, chaptering and metatagging for educational videos

Home Success Stories Captioning, chaptering and metatagging for educational videos

The Client: The world’s leading nonfiction media company engaged LAC Group to provide video chapters and metatagging for thousands of educational streaming videos.

The Issue: User were unable to identify or retrieve video content from the client’s educational video database detailed by chapters and sections.

The Solution: LAC Group prepared the digital educational videos for retrieval by identifying and separating the programs into chapters and sections. LAC staff wrote concise descriptions for each program, chapter and section and further assigned start and end times, duration, keywords, controlled vocabulary, taxonomic terms, biographical, geographical, and historical information. The project scope was extended and expanded to include:

  • Upgrading taxonomic associations: LAC staff worked with the client’s electronic assets (programs, images, clip-art, and encyclopedia articles) upgraded previous taxonomic associations from the client’s former three-level taxonomy to the client’s newly completed five-level taxonomy. Our staff of ten created new taxonomic associations for 90,000 electronic assets in a sixth month period.
  • Content evaluation and selection for a new middle school science database: LAC staff evaluated and selected scientific articles, reading passages, images, interactive videos within specified curriculum scope and sequence in order to populate a new middle school science curriculum database for online retrieval by students and educators. LAC was involved as a partner with the client in creating a whole new product through the research and development phase to production to product launch.
  • LAC provided staff for indexing streaming videos, still images and encyclopedia articles for the classroom resource website.  Using proprietary software, each record was tagged with keywords, subject headings from a client-provided taxonomy, a brief description, title, and author or narrator where applicable.  Materials covered a range of curriculum subjects for grades K-12