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Staples: One year after going private

October 04

A year ago, amid ongoing challenges—steady declines in comparable-store sales on the retail side and declining sales of core products like computers and paper—Staples agreed to be sold to the private equity firm Sycamore Partners. The transaction, which took place in June 2017, was dubbed by Bloomberg as a $6.9 billion wager that Staples can once again thrive. The perceived…

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Content services

Metadata explained simply

October 10

The proliferation of digital content in business settings has turned many people into unlikely data managers, looking for the best way to organize assets such as images, graphics, videos and documents. Without the assistance of a librarian or professional digital asset manager, the less technical are unable to apply data management principles and metadata functionality to organize and leverage their increasingly large volumes of digital information.

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Research services

Comparing UK and US copyright protection

October 18

Some of the most prevalent copyright questions we get are about global protection: Is a US copyright valid in other countries? What is international copyright law? Does US copyright law apply in the UK? (or any other countries) Copyright laws protect creators of intellectual property from unauthorized use and theft of their work, and notice the use of the plural “laws” because as clearly stated by the United States Copyright Office:

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Webinar: Busting the myths of working remote

November 13

Does this sound like your idea of remote work? I can work my own hours. Nobody will be telling me what to do. I can schedule personal appointments whenever I want. You may be interested in these benefits and others, but they may not be realistic.

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Featured job

Metadata Specialist

October 10

LAC Group is seeking a Metadata Specialist to work in the Washington, D.C. area providing high quality metadata support. Must be able to pass background check. US citizens only.

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