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Report: EIR client satisfaction survey results

LexisNexis, Westlaw and other electronic information resources run hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in subscription costs for large law firms and other enterprises. But, is hiring spend management consultants worth it?

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Five vendor negotiation tips for buyers

August 01

The vendor contract negotiation process does not have to be a stressful experience, yet it can make even the most capable professionals and experience buyers feel anxious and tense. Even after a mutually-acceptable contract is negotiated and signed, many buyers are left with the feeling that they could have done better-that they left something valuable on the table. It shouldn't…

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Content services

6 media archives to boost your research

August 07

Researchers sometimes get stuck in a cycle of sticking to their go-to sources. For that reason, it's always a refreshing discovery to find a new source to get you out of your routine. These six sites below will add new treasure troves to broaden the range of your research. We're professional researchers who free up the time of companies and individuals by doing complex research projects for them, so we don't make these recommendations unless we know they're superb. We rely on these websites and love exploring them, and we know you will too.

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The latest legal technology trends

August 08

…they're at a fork in the road. That's the conclusion of a significant report on artificial intelligence from ALM Intelligence, Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game. This one is not free, but it is a game-changer and at $299, well worth the price. An excerpt is available to law.com subscribers (or you can sign-up for limited free access) by author and ALM Legal Intelligence Senior Analyst Erin Hichman. She discusses the five AI building blocks: data, processes, talent, culture and last and maybe least, technology, for which she says: "While it's easy to directly jump to…

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54th Annual Cinecon Classic Film Festival

July 25

Cinecon 54 Classic Film Festival will take place over the Labor Day holiday, August 30 – September 3, 2018. The host hotel The Loews Hollywood Hotel and all screenings will take place down the street at Grauman's Egyptian Theater. The Opening Night Gala will be in the forecourt of the Egyptian Theater on Thursday, August 30th. Stan Taffel, Jim Harwood,…

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Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

August 09

LAC Group seeks an experienced Senior Business Intelligence Analyst to join a successful team of researchers and analysts supporting and participating in business development for a global energy/oil company.

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