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LAC Group is a family of businesses helping law firms, corporations, government and media companies maximize the value of real-time and archived information.

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LibSource delivers Library-as-a-Service®, a flexible suite of information center services.

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Chase Cost Management (CCM) saves businesses money through a 5-step framework for managing their indirect spend.

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PRO-TEK sets the standard for preserving and archiving valuable motion and still film, video, audio and other media assets.

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LIBGIG is the online recruiting and career development site for information service and knowledge management professionals.

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LAC Federal is dedicated to the knowledge and information service needs of the US federal government and other public sectors.

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LAC Group is a family of businesses helping law firms, corporations, government and media companies maximize the value of real-time and archived information.


LibSource remains at the forefront of the digital library world. It launched Library as a Service® (LaaS) in response to the growing need for flexible information center solutions. The LaaS platform allows organizations to choose from on-demand virtual research to outsourced management of their library or information center, keeping it on-site and running seamlessly within their organizational culture and environment.


Chase Cost Management (CCM), LAC Group’s indirect spend management division, provides expense management services and programs based on the latest market knowledge and proven cost reduction strategies. They also offer unmatched expertise in optimizing library / information / knowledge management resources.


PRO-TEK preserves moving image and still photography for content owners who require the best in film, video and digital media inspection, restoration and archival cold storage facility for nitrate film and other media. It strives to deliver unparalleled quality, service and satisfaction to the entertainment industry, corporate archives, private content owners and other media collections.


LibGig is a career development and talent acquisition resource dedicated to the library and information management professions. It offers recruiting, staffing and career services for library, information center and knowledge management professionals, including new and nontraditional jobs.

LAC Federal

LAC Federal supports the objectives of a diverse range of federal agencies. Library clients include the Library of Congress, National Agricultural Library, National Library of Education and National Library of Medicine, and they deliver various knowledge and information management services to other groups and departments.

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Webinar: Deep Web, Deep Insights

Delving below the surface web for client and business insights

Deep Web, Deep Insights explored the research difference between the surface web and the deep web, and we’re happy to make the recording available for on-demand viewing, including a rich Q&A session with our audience.

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