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Is your film collection safe?

Guide: Nitrate and acetate film handling

Uncover tips on how to properly care and handle your film assets.

Nitrate and acetate film handling

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Spend management services

How to save on MRO expenses

November 07

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) expenses often fly under the radar and for that reason tend to be easily ignored. MRO expenditures are those purchases that fall under the category of indirect spend and include things like cleaning products, safety equipment, maintenance supplies, spare parts, industrial-equipment parts, computers, furniture, fixtures, etc. Efficiently managed MRO purchasing means that the right items…

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Content services

Film safe-handling guide for non-archivists

December 10

Many organizations including historical societies, museums and businesses are in possession of valuable, irreplaceable newsreel footage, training films, documentaries and other photographic archives often dating back a century or more. Aging film is highly fragile and if it's nitrate-based, it could even be hazardous due to its flammability. Continuing to ignore this will result in the inevitable loss of the imagery these film assets have captured and contained. Depending on your organization's archival needs, LAC Group's film technicians can help you preserve, restore, convert and dispose of analog photographic content created on a variety of bases. In the meantime, we…

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Research services

2018 CI trends and insights

December 04

Competitive intelligence research is a growing request from our clients in business and law. And, since you're here, we gather it's of interest to you, too. Read on as we share some 2018 trends and insights and compile some additional CI readings and information.

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Library of Congress

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Webinar: Busting the myths of working remote

November 13

Does this sound like your idea of remote work? I can work my own hours. Nobody will be telling me what to do. I can schedule personal appointments whenever I want. You may be interested in these benefits and others, but they may not be realistic.

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Featured job

Business Development Representative

December 07

LAC Group is seeking a dynamic Business Development Representative with expertise in law firm and corporate libraries, to join our expanding practice.

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