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Report: EIR client satisfaction survey results

LexisNexis, Westlaw and other electronic information resources run hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in subscription costs for large law firms and other enterprises. But, is hiring spend management consultants worth it?

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Spend management services

Negotiations and the myth of the win-win deal

September 11

What do professional procurement experts know about negotiation strategies that most inexperienced negotiators don't know? We know we will often be faced with tough vendor contract discussions. Everyone knows that if we have a pie sitting in front of us, we can cut it in half, with each party taking their share as a compromise worked out to let them…

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Content services

Volunteering at the 18th National Book Festival

September 18

This year marks my tenth anniversary with both LAC and the National Book Festival.  In that decade at the Festival, I have been everything from an information booth attendant to a “bouncer” at the children’s stage preventing overeager parents from sneaking their children backstage to meet the talent.  Despite protestations that they were the author’s long-lost roommate’s second cousin’s girlfriend, I had to turn them all away.

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Research services

Innovations in legal technology

September 10

We’ve been monitoring PACER news and the latest is a big announcement from the folks at the Free Law Project via our colleague Sabrina Pacifici. The public can now set-up a limited number of PACER alerts for free at CourtListener.com. That's right, I said free, which is indeed an interesting development and a major advance in the push for public access to legal information.

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LAC Group & Thomson Reuters partner with ARK Group for CI conference

September 27

Most law firms no longer question the need for competitive intelligence; what they do wonder is how to get it, and use it—accurately, reliably and economically. Find answers to those questions in the coming CI conference co-sponsored by LAC Group, Thomson Reuters and ARK Group.

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Featured job

Data Curator

September 12

LAC Group is seeking a full-time qualified Data Curator to work for a major Federal Agency in Beltsville, MD. The Data Curator will assist the agency by developing and implementing functionality tests for multiple research databases including usability tests and will work with agency staff to develop and implement ontologies and data dictionaries. Background in working with scientific datasets, particularly in the agricultural and ecological sciences is a plus.

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