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Business need: Capitalize on the potential of a burgeoning industry

The relationship with this law firm goes back several years, when advances in horizontal drilling and fractionation of shale gas basins in the United States began reshaping the entire energy industry. The client fully realized the economic potential of the shale boom and developed a marketing plan to capitalize on it.

The company understood the imperatives, not only for clients within the oil and gas sector but for the myriad number of interrelated sectors, such as real estate development, construction, transportation and logistics, private equity, utilities and numerous public agencies.

They knew it needed to systematically extend its knowledge of the industry and cement its position as the dominant market leader in shale.


Business solution: Monitor and transform energy information into actionable insights

In order to provide its partners with real-time market moves and forward-looking analysis, our client realized it needed the ability to transform vast amounts of information into timely, actionable insights. Staying informed of fast-moving regulatory and commercial landscapes is a challenge, but it’s also a necessary and ongoing task to support clients and develop successful business development plans. 

Our analysts focused on the precise areas that mattered most to the firm: tracking and analyzing developments in targeted organizations and monitoring the two specific shale formations of Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale, both in the northeastern United States. The objective was to empower the firm’s industry team and practice groups with action-oriented market insights and to regularly distribute timely updates directly to the firm’s clients and energy industry prospects.

With this in mind, a custom market intelligence program was developed to support these needs, including real-time insights, periodic industry reports and the co-creation of informative, market-facing content to demonstrate thought leadership and subject matter expertise.

Business outcome: Greater industry influence, new business and a marketing award

The client’s influence in the oil and gas sector has grown significantly. Not only did the market intelligence program help keep the firm’s lawyers abreast of key industry developments, but it powered the firm’s content marketing and thought leadership strategy. By helping the firm populate its shale microsite and Twitter account with daily content, the firm received the Legal Marketing Association’s “Your Honor Award” for Practice Development. Most importantly, the initiative drove new business to the firm.

With the success of the shale market intelligence program, the client has since launched similar market intelligence programs for its healthcare, real estate and private equity teams.

In a world that depends on energy, and for nations that prize energy independence, extracting the natural gas and oil found in shale has become a burgeoning sector within the industry. Other growing energy sectors include technologies that tap into and harness renewable sources like solar and wind.

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