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Business need: Enable information discovery and access based on needs and utilization

The US federal government is in the ultimate business of serving the country’s citizens and other stakeholders. Since the ability to hire and onboard all the required staff is limited, contractors are relied upon to bridge the gaps.

Agencies operate many libraries and information centers to capture and publish knowledge and data for policy-making, research and other purposes. One such library—the National Library of Education—has been supported over the years by LAC Group. NLE needed  a number of library services for its diverse user base, including education researchers and legislators and state departments of education.

Business solution: Array of library services including cataloging, web portal development and bibliometrics

Since 2013, LAC Group has supported the National Library of Education with reference and research services, cataloging, integrated library system maintenance, e-resource management and web development. In the process, members seek out ways to improve service and maximize the value of NLE’s information assets.

NLE library

Three projects represent the breadth and depth of support provided by LAC Group:

  1. Cataloging an extensive and irreplaceable collection of more than 20,000 textbooks from the 19th and early 20th centuries that were not fully inventoried or cataloged. LAC Group was awarded the contract to assess physical condition, treat and rehouse if needed and catalog each item, identifying the number of copies available in OCLC. Now that the collection is accessible, it has been promoted to the academic community.
  2. Giving NLE support to fulfill a request from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) for data needed to comply with a Congressional data reporting mandate. LAC librarians helped NLE librarians devise a methodology for quantifying citations, yielding over three thousand unique citations to show how the Center’s work is utilized.
  3. Developing web portals for all 50 states to ensure policymakers, analysts and other education stakeholders stay abreast of local developments to assess, compare and coordinate programs and initiatives. LAC librarians were involved in identifying content such as news feeds, peer-reviewed literature, links to local teachers’ unions and Common Core information, ending with a final quality review.

Business outcome: Enhanced information access that saves time, improves service and ensures compliance

LAC Group’s library contractor support has enabled the National Education Library to identify and implement needed programs and projects that improve citizen and stakeholder service, ensure that education data and information is discoverable and accessible, and meets the requirements and expectations of congressional mandates. Most importantly, LAC’s contractor experience and library expertise allows NLE to operate in a more timely, cost-effective manner.

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