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For over 30 years, LAC Group has been helping organizations meet a variety of workforce needs for librarians and other knowledge and information workers. As we move into the future, we are grouping our capabilities and experience under a new label—Talent services—and delivering them via our LibGig recruiting and staffing division.

Talent services for enterprise organizations

21st century work is evolving rapidly and unexpectedly, driving the need for a wider range of skills and greater control over how those needs are met. That’s why law firms, corporations, federal government agencies, media and entertainment concerns and other industries rely on our specialized talent services.

Focus on information management and library services

Whether a traditional library, special library or no library space at all, LibGig recruiters are dedicated to your needs for both traditional and modern librarians and other information management professionals.

Support for flexible staffing requirements

Staffing requirements and preferences have moved far beyond single, centralized locations operating on fixed shifts and schedules, and LAC Group offers expert talent services and recommendations for all:

  • Temporary staff for special projects and needs
  • Part-time and full-time employees
  • People working onsite, remotely or some combination
  • Virtual workers available “as a service”
  • Full- or partial-management of information management functions
  • New-hires and experienced hires

Growing community of skilled information professionals

Tap into a pool of librarians and other information professionals who come to LAC Group for job opportunities, networking, career advice and professional development. We get the word out through newsletters, social media and events—our community becomes your network of qualified candidates.

Our niche focus simplifies and improves your talent search

We can meet any of your requirements for knowledge and information management workers:

Post a job on our active, online job board

Consult with a recruiting team dedicated to knowledge workers

Discover the benefits of virtual research and reference services

Ask about running an information management function for you

Gain agility and control with comprehensive talent services from LAC Group and LibGig, our recruiting and staffing team dedicated to librarians and other knowledge and information management workers.

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