IT product and service expenses

The unrelenting, exponential advances and updates to information technology mean that your IT expenditures are both an investment and a spend category with great savings potential. LAC Group ensures you’re getting the best value while enabling you to plan for the ups and downs of the typical enterprise IT budget.

We’ll make sure you’re getting best-in-class products and services at the best price for all your critical IT requirements, including:

  • IT equipment and hardware leasing or purchases
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Systems integration, administration and support
  • SaaS and cloud computing solutions
  • Data center operations, whether internal, co-located or outsourced
  • Cybersecurity and disaster recovery

Vendor contract optimization, audits and refund recovery, spend analytics and intelligence for tracking and benchmarking data—these are some of the ways we reduce overall IT expenses and add value to your business.

Ways to save on IT expenses

Implementing and enforcing hardware and software standards to leverage volume purchasing and reduce administrative costs.

Planning in accordance with established industry standards for replacements and upgrades.

Closely monitoring warranties, automatic renewals and licenses to make sure you are gaining the full value of all vendor commitments, terms and conditions without overspending.

Monitoring contract expirations and replacement cycles to plan in advance, avoiding costly surprises that are typical due to rapid technology changes and the fluctuating nature of IT budgets.

We only get paid when you save

Our contingency-based pricing means our services pay for themselves. We only engage with clients when the savings potential is great enough to increase your bottom line with a small portion to pay our fees.

The holistic, managed services approach of LAC Group

  • Every client engagement begins with an assessment of your operational and financial concerns, goals and objectives.
  • We work with the staff and systems you have in place.
  • Our programs and services are structured on a spectrum that ranges from “help us manage” to “manage for us” based on your needs and circumstances.

Can we help you control your hardware and software expenses?

Assessing current state and future needs, identifying available options to help you choose the right ones, guiding contract negotiations and management for optimal terms and conditions and monitoring key performance indicators—these are a few of the ways we can fulfill your sourcing and cost-saving needs for information technology.

LAC Group’s spend management experts are ready to help you assess and reduce your recurring and high-ticket information technology expenses for profit-boosting, bottom-line results.