HR expenses

Lower your screening, payroll and hiring costs

LAC Group is seeing increased interest in managing HR expenditures on services like background screening for employment, payroll and benefits administration, staffing and other costs incurred to find and hire the workers you need.

Background screening expenses

As employment screening becomes a necessity, it’s adding a new indirect spend burden and draining more business profits. That’s why companies are turning to us for spend management guidance on hiring and staffing costs.

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LAC Group lowers employment screening expenses

  • I-9 and employment eligibility verification
  • Drug screening
  • Criminal background checks
  • Candidate identity and experience checks

The business risks of bad hiring decisions are well-founded. Various studies show a preponderance of inaccuracies and misrepresentations on job applications. Substance abusers contribute to greater absenteeism and lower productivity. Employee theft costs U.S. businesses tens of billions of dollars annually.

Mitigate your financial and security risks without overspending on employment screening services, with guidance from LAC Group.

Payroll processing expenses

Payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration – these are just a few HR processes being outsourced by medium-large employers. As a result, workforce administration has become a growing HR indirect spend category.

Monitor costs and gain the best terms with guidance from LAC Group. We will evaluate vendors, prepare RFPs, negotiate new contracts and review and monitor existing contracts to ensure you receive every advantage while meeting all your workforce administration requirements.

Monitor costs and gain the best terms from HR admin providers by using LAC Group to help determine the best option(s) for your business.

Contingent staffing expenses

Businesses with a continual reliance on contingent workers or ongoing staffing requirements will benefit from the unique spend management expertise and advantages LAC Group brings. We draw on thirty years of staffing, recruiting and outsourcing services for knowledge and information management workers.

Reduce staffing costs with LAC guidance

  • Assessment of staffing options that deliver economy and productivity, whether it’s full- or part-time employees, contingent workers, outsourcing or other workforce approaches.
  • Vendor review and selection of staffing agencies and other providers.
  • Contract negotiation and management to ensure compliance and monitor performance.

Our spend management experts will analyze your expenditures and uncover opportunities for savings, ensuring your needs are met while improving your bottom line.

Employees are both your greatest asset and your greatest expense. That’s why medium-large employers turn to us when they need to maximize worker assets and minimize the HR expense.