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Get value-added expertise, data access and agile support for your procurement and sourcing teams from the indirect spend experts at LAC Group.

Why wait until a financial crisis when you can prevent one

Often it takes a financial crisis or economic downturn for companies to examine their operating expenses. Yet by leveraging our data sets, methods, and expertise to enhance or create a more efficient procurement function, you can start generating more cash flow now to help prevent or reduce the pain of drastic and costly decisions later.

Plus our fees are based on actual cost savings, meaning our services pay for themselves.

Indirect spend management services


Information management and technology

Information and research subscriptions: More digital options—as print collections remain part of the mix—often result in duplication, inefficiencies and overspending that our experts can bring under control.

SaaS / cloud computing: One of the reasons you’re shifting IT to the cloud is to save money, but if that’s not working out, we’ll explore ways to get back to that promise.

IT equipment and services: Upgrading outdated infrastructure and making new IT investments gets a little easier and more manageable with ongoing spend management processes.

Telecommunications: A highly mobile and distributed workforce means greater expenses (and savings opportunities) for telecom technologies like wireless and conferencing.



Energy / utilities: While many utilities are regulated, our spend experts know some tactics and opportunities that will help you keep the lights on.

Maintenance (MRO): Anything that involves recurring costs is a prime candidate for spend management techniques, and that includes maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Office products: It’s amazing how orders for coffee, pens and sticky notes add up—especially if you have employees buying off-contract—and how much we can save you.


Human resources

Background / drug screening: It’s become a standard practice to screen all job candidates and to re-screen some occupations regularly, making it an indirect spend category worth monitoring.

Payroll and staffing: Payroll processing is usually outsourced, and new options like PEOs (professional employer organizations) bring greater complexity and costs to this recurring spend category.

operating workflow

Operating services

Treasury management: The financial services you need can also drain profits unnecessarily—our spend management consultants will help you keep more money in your treasury.

Mailroom and shipping: The need to send and receive physical documents and items endures, which means you could be missing out on another way to hang onto more profits.

Printing and copying: The paperless office remains elusive. Take a look around—if you see paper, you’re seeing costs that are eating away at profits.

Business uniforms and linens: For businesses that require them, uniforms, personal protective clothing and linens are a big expense that can be reduced without harming your brand or regulatory compliance.

Managed services approach to indirect spend

While each program is customized, the same management principles are applied to every indirect spend category and every client engagement. Founded on a disciplined, methodical approach, we reduce and manage costs while ensuring  business operations are not jeopardized in the process.

  • Every client engagement begins with an assessment of operational and financial concerns, goals and objectives.
  • Programs and services are structured on a spectrum that ranges from “help us manage” to “manage for us” for added procurement resources and expertise based on your preferences.
  • Objective view and neutrality that allows us to see past the trees into the entire forest.


❝LAC has been very successful at saving us money on everything ranging from paperclips to heavily integrated database contracts to major service agreements. They do an outstanding job, and I wouldn’t be able to do better in-house or with group purchasing organizations.❞
Fortune 1000 client


Specializing in hidden savings potential

Nothing can boost free cash flow, EBITDA and bottom-line profitability as quickly or easily as good spend management. Plus our bottom line is driven by your bottom line, as we help you keep more of your gross margin, freeing resources for other needs and priorities. We have uncovered savings even when the client was certain that none would be found.

Why LAC Group for spend management help

A proven track record makes LAC Group a spend management leader, delivering valuable data, vendor knowledge, holistic methodology and neutral objectivity. Our procurement and profit experts have one goal: to elevate our clients to best-of-class in indirect spend status.

  • $600 million in cash flow generated for clients.
  • Decades of cross-industry experience and productivity.
  • Exclusive focus on administrative and indirect cost structures.
  • Procurement and sourcing expertise, including Institute for Supply Management (ISM) certification.

We’re confident we can uncover savings potential for your business, and we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to confirm that promise.

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