LAC spend management services

Benchmarking, monitoring and best practices

The procurement and finance experts at LAC Group provide consulting services and programs to monitor and reduce operational expenses. Known as indirect spend, it’s the cost of all the goods and services you need to run your business.

Expense reduction is only one benefit. Greater visibility into organizational spending, increased profitability, enhanced vendor and contract management and access to additional procurement resources that essentially pay for themselves are the ultimate advantages.

The value of indirect spend management

Nothing grows bottom-line profitability as quickly or directly as effective spend management techniques. LAC Group has a proven track record of creating indirect spend programs that deliver financial results within months.

  • Market-tested methodology to reduce overall costs in categories like facilities management, office equipment, HR and information management.
  • Procurement and sourcing expertise, including Institute for Supply Management (ISM) certification.
  • Vendor negotiation and contract management experience, with the added value of outside perspective and objectivity.

Specializing in hidden savings potential

Our procurement and financial experts have uncovered savings, even when the client was certain that none would be found. From current-state assessment and benchmarking to program design to ongoing management and monitoring, it’s our mix of experience, information access and sharp focus on this niche aspect of organizational finance and operations that enable us to spot hidden opportunities. We’re confident we can uncover savings potential for your business.

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