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Spend management

Benchmarking, monitoring and best practices

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Enhanced productivity, greater visibility, increased profitability, reduced liability and risk—these are the ultimate advantages delivered LAC Consulting Services, with expertise in two areas:

  1. Indirect spend management to monitor and reduce operational expenses.
  2. Information / knowledge services to manage and leverage content, data and media assets.

Indirect spend management services

Nothing grows bottom-line profitability as quickly or directly as effective spend management techniques. And LAC Consulting’s indirect spend programs begin delivering financial results within months.

  • Proven methodology to reduce overall costs in categories like facilities management, office equipment, HR and information management.
  • Procurement and sourcing expertise, including Institute for Supply Management (ISM) certification.
  • Vendor negotiation and contract management experience, with the added value of outside perspective and objectivity.

From assessment and benchmarking to program design to ongoing management and monitoring, our procurement and financial experts have uncovered savings even when the client was certain that none would be found.

Knowledge and information management services

LAC’s Consulting Services will identify the most effective, high-value solutions for all your information management requirements. True to our roots in legal research and librarianship, we developed the concept of Library as a Service® or LaaS, and while research and intelligence support is the primary focus of LaaS, it’s really about meeting your needs to make the most of your information, including organizational knowledge.

  • Knowledge management—Capturing, organizing and sharing information for present and future use and value.
  • Information resource optimization—Applying library and information science practices to databases, subscriptions and collections to ensure your information resources are true assets.
  • Roadmapping and planning—Ensuring the most effective and economical ways to meet your knowledge and information needs.

Our library and information management experts consider systems, processes, training, culture and other factors to determine your best options. And with 30 years of experience and growth in library services, staffing and support, we deliver unique insights into any enterprise information management needs.

What are your information challenges?

No client we work with, no matter the industry or size, lacks information. What they are missing is sufficient time, resource and experience to uncover and optimize the value. Sound familiar? Discover how LAC Group Consulting Services can help you unlock the potential hidden within your spend data, knowledge management systems and other information assets and resources.