Legal research

For legal library and research support, turn to LAC Group. Our legal researchers are accustomed to fulfilling regular requests for targeted case law, as well as statutory and regulatory research to find support and treatment for both general and discrete issues. Routine access to legal data sources enables us to work with speed and efficiency, saving you both time and money.

Our legal team excels at finding treatises, law reviews and other sources for both widely covered and new areas of the law, with experience across a diverse range of practice areas.

Information platforms available

Through the use of trilateral non-disclosure agreements with our clients and their information providers, we conduct our research using client resources in the interest of transparency, cost-efficiency and predictable pricing.

Why LAC Group

Professionally trained researchers and analysts

Our legal librarians are market-tested and attorney-proven to deliver the information needed for any and all client matters.

Experienced library services leadership

Founded as a law library staffing business, we have more than 30 years providing research and information support to law firms.

Tell us your need for investigative or supporting information and our information sleuths will find it with creative research savvy. Social media, financial data, product and industry news and public records are just a few of the sources we comb, without getting sidetracked or lost in the process.

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