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Social media networks may be the only common place where all your stakeholders convene and converse. That’s why it’s important to not only monitor and listen, but to put their feedback to work.

  • How can you fend off a potential crisis?
  • How can you strengthen valued relationships?
  • What are the trends that could lead to new opportunities? 

Release the power of networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram with social media intelligence from LAC Group.

social media monitoring platform
One of our client's social media listening tool used for monitoring.

What to do with what they’re saying

Comments, questions and conversations posted by your stakeholders are a treasure trove of insights. Our social media intelligence services take listening and monitoring to the next level, giving you:

Market context and analysis to inform decisions and actions.

Surge support and guidance for crisis management.

Ideas for thought leadership and community building.

Most importantly, we ensure timely and professional responses (or suggestions) to the questions, comments and reviews that your followers post—negative or positive.

Benefits of social media intelligence

Stronger stakeholder relationships

Risk aversion and mitigation

Timely and efficient service and communication

Optimal resource allocation

Analytics and reporting

Enhanced social media presence

❝Your ability to work on holidays to cover major events is much appreciated and carries a lot of weight with us.❞
Major North American transportation and logistics firm

Why LAC Group

Social media networks can yield valuable benefits, yet they also can unleash controversy and rumors. Gaining the advantages while mitigating risks can be a resource-consuming burden. That’s when LAC Group can step in with experience, efficiency, and processes that leverage software and our distributed workforce. 

Since the internet never closes, our distributed teams working across multiple time zones give you a practical, cost-effective solution for extended coverage.

24/7 social media support, including holidays


Emergency surge support

Dedicated analyst(s) working as an extension of your team

Insightful social media analytics

Executive and board reporting

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