Market intelligence

For up-to-the-minute intelligence on your industry, clients, competitors and markets, remember LAC Group. We’ll keep tabs on what’s happening, empowering you to discover emerging markets, attract new clients, strengthen current client relationships and other business development priorities. Quickly gain the support you need with flexible services that can scale up or down for maximum efficiency and agility.

Our people-led process

Sparing you the aggravation and burden of information overload, an LAC analyst dedicated to your needs will collect and contextualize the information you seek, delivering briefs and reports in alignment with your priorities and strategies.

Curated, well-written daily/weekly market intelligence briefs tailored to your requirements.

Dedicated analyst who understands your industry and market landscape.

Discovery phase to define key topics, search parameters and source identification.

Agility and flexibility to adjust scope as priorities change.

Deeper dives available to answer specific questions.

Access to our research management platform with all your curated intelligence, custom-tagged and archived.

Experience the power of custom market intelligence

We know how busy top-level executives are. It’s a challenge for them to stay on top of relevant trends and changes, which can lead to missed opportunities and overlooked threats. Our customized services and proprietary platform deliver market-tracking knowledge that is timely, streamlined and framed for action.

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