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Information is everywhere, intelligence is harder to find

So. Much. Information! Yet for many companies and firms, not enough time, capacity, or experience to put it to work.

You can change that with help from LAC Group. We deliver the intelligence you need, wherever you need it, empowering you to focus on strategic priorities like revenue growth, client service, market opportunities and more.

  • Remote research: With a distributed workforce of experienced researchers and analysts in place, we can get started quickly and securely and scale up or down as needed.
  • Actionable insights: We give you the context you need to focus and make sense of information to enhance innovation and improve outcomes.
  • Internal staff support: Our clients rely on us to relieve staffing shortfalls, transcend information silos, extend the business day and bridge other gaps.
  • Relief from information overload: Content aggregation and current awareness platforms deliver overwhelming amounts of information—we enhance their value while alleviating the burdens.
  • Innovation goals: We can help you identify strategic partnerships, new products or services and deliver other news to support innovation.

The briefings, reports and alerts we deliver are people-led and client-directed, contextualized in alignment with your plans and strategies. And in most cases, we can get started in a matter of days.

Research and intelligence services

Monitoring identified and emerging competitors

Identifying management changes and lateral hires

Topical research to support subject matter expertise

Regulatory tracking across multiple jurisdictions

Health tech, cannabis, fintech and other emerging industry trends

Social media listening, reporting and responding

Copyright and other intellectual property (IP) research

Tell us your information needs, and we'll deliver!

Limits of DIY web research

Many organizations arm their employees with an internet connection and Google and call it a day. But Google doesn’t always reveal the most current or reliable information and DIY web research can quickly lead to productivity-draining, cybersecurity-risking distractions. Those distractions and risks are alleviated with external service from the research experts at LAC Group.


❝LAC has a bank of the right people that can help us in areas that we can’t tackle on our own. They do everything from technical research to competitive intelligence.❞
Manager of Library Services
Fortune 1000 client

Why LAC Group

Experienced, professionally trained researchers and analysts

Our researchers and analysts have years of training and experience to identify and deliver curated news and insights across a wide range of topics and industries.

Research coverage when and where you need it

Choose as little or as much support as you require on the spectrum of service levels. Our flexible approach and remote workforce will give you agility to respond to changing circumstances.

Briefings and alerts for superior decisions and action

Your managers and leaders face a daily deluge of content that can hinder more than help their decisions. Our research experts will alleviate some of the information overload that can lead to analysis paralysis.

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