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100+ million
items cataloged
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500+ million
assets rehoused
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average savings on
managed services
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LAC Group developed the concept of Library as a Service®—flexible support for managing, augmenting and leveraging information resources for current use and future value.

Choose the support levels you need—remote or onsite, long-term or temporary, partial or complete managed services. LAC Group is big enough to support all your digital and physical information management needs, yet small enough to give you personal service and custom solutions. Whether outsourcing some or all of your library functions, we are here to help collaborate, design and implement the best option for everyone involved.

What are your knowledge challenges?

Too much information, not enough time, resources or expertise to capture and release the value? LAC Group will bridge the gaps and unlock your knowledge potential with flexible managed services, built on decades of library and information science experience.


❝We use LAC for part of the library and ad hoc tasks today, but would certainly consider outsourcing the whole function in the future.❞
Large law firm


Advantages of library managed services

Leverage information

Obtain the right blend of skills, systems, tools and processes to gain all the benefits of your library or information center.

Increase efficiency

Digital information allows special libraries to operate more efficiently, capturing knowledge and delivering information support as a virtual service—anytime, anywhere.

Structure your workforce

Gain access to specialized knowledge and information skills and experience, with the ability to scale and respond to changing requirements.

Jump-start projects

For projects that stall or never get launched, we step in to help you plan, manage and finish on schedule, with no interruptions to your regular operations.

Focus on priorities

Offload some of your burdens and tap into our expertise to gain the freedom you need to elevate your value and enhance your client / user satisfaction.

Control costs

We deliver economies of scale and operational efficiency for as-needed support and cost-effective agility.

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