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For over three decades, LAC Group has grown to possess the most depth and knowledge in the library space to design a flexible suite of services for law firms, corporations and other organizations.

Our Library Services team is a group of information professionals with years of experience in managing special libraries and providing unparalleled customer service. We bridge the gaps and unlock your knowledge potential with flexible managed services, built on decades of library and information science experience.

Choose the support levels you need — remote or onsite, long-term or temporary, partial or complete managed services. We are big enough to support all your digital and physical information management needs, yet small enough to give you personal service and custom solutions.

Whether outsourcing some or all of your library functions, we are here to help collaborate, design and implement the best option for everyone involved.

Library services

Library as a Service

• Information management & knowledge management
• Catalog maintenance
• Collection management
• Interlibrary loans
• Invoice processing
• Library assessment & roadmapping
• Password management & support
• Product demos
• Training & orientation

❝We use LAC for part of the library and ad hoc tasks today, but would certainly consider outsourcing the whole function in the future.❞
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Why LAC Group

Experienced library services leadership

Founded as a law library staffing business, we have more than 30 years of experience managing libraries. We are constantly evolving with our clients to develop the services and support they need to compete in today’s global markets.

Flexible service models

Choose from remote, onsite, or hybrid service models with partial or full management of internal knowledge and information functions. No matter how we engage, we integrate seamlessly into your culture and working environment.

Maximized information

Obtain the right blend of skills, systems, tools and processes to gain all the benefits of your library or information center.

Streamlined library operations

Digital information allows special libraries to operate more efficiently, capturing knowledge and delivering information support as a virtual service—anytime, anywhere.

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