LAC library services

Flexible information services for agile organizations

LAC Group developed the concept of Library as a Service® or LaaS, for flexible, just-in-time support to manage and leverage information, digital and physical, for present use and future value.

Choose the support you need—long-term or temporary, remote or onsite, partial or whole. LAC Group is big enough to support all your information management needs, yet nimble enough to deliver custom services, personalized for your unique requirements.

Leverage information

Increase efficiency

Structure your workforce

Jump-start projects

Level the playing field

Control costs

What are your information challenges?

No organization is lacking information. What they are missing is sufficient time, resources and experience to uncover and optimize its value. We can bridge the gaps with decades of library and information science experience to leverage and protect your digital data and archival collections.

Sound familiar? Discover how our managed services can help you unlock your information potential for cold archival storage.

Libraries/information centers

Focus on priorities

We optimize your information resources and leverage the power of knowledge while you focus on your core business and customer relationships.

Maximize information resources

Gain the right blend of skills, systems, tools and processes to cover all facets and gain all benefits of having a library or information center.

Access information skills and experience

Gain access to specialized skills and expertise as needed, with the ability to scale more quickly to respond to changing requirements.

Fast-track and complete projects

For ad hoc projects that linger or never get launched, we will step in to plan and finish on schedule, without interrupting your regular operations.

Control costs

We deliver economies of scale, operational efficiency and recruiting resources to free you from the risks and responsibilities of doing it yourself.

Library/information center workers

Do what you do best

Gain access to a variety of different projects and work environments suited for your skills and preferences.

Learn new skills

Try new roles and responsibilities to advance your career with new experience, learnings and networking connections.

Work remotely

With LAC Group, you may be able to work from home, eliminating the daily commute and enabling more flexibility for family and personal obligations.

Advance quickly

With LAC Group, new opportunities arise regularly for those willing to step forward.

Be part of a dynamic team

Join a team of savvy, experienced professionals who are shaping the future of library and information services.

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