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Gain the benefits of having access to professional information talent and resources without the ongoing burden of running an information center. That’s the primary value of Library as a Service® (LaaS). Developed over years of time and hundreds of client projects, LaaS is a flexible suite of services designed to help law firms, corporations and other organizations leverage their knowledge and information resources.

Knowledge & information support, as you like it

We developed LaaS in response to the growing digitization of information, especially within special libraries like law firm libraries. Fewer books and other printed publications freed these libraries from space and location restrictions, making information more widely accessible via internet access. LaaS can encompass any library function as a service that we perform, assist or manage for you, to whatever degree needed, including research, reference and intelligence services.

Turn to LaaS when you need to:

Accommodate workflow fluctuations.

Support after-business-hours requests.

Ease employee workload burdens.

Enhance service and satisfaction.

Maximize your budget and resources.

Demonstrate the value of your library.

❝There are so many companies in our industry
that could be using LAC yet haven’t discovered the
benefits yet. It’s crazy to me that everyone still does this in-house.❞
Manager of Library Services
Fortune 1000 client

Virtual or managed services

Choose virtual service for your library “in the cloud” with flexible subscriptions to suit any requirements. Choose managed services for full or partial administration of your library/information center. Or choose a hybrid approach for something in-between.

No matter how we engage, we integrate seamlessly into your culture and working environment.

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