Who is LAC Group?

LAC Group helps enterprise organizations manage and leverage information—physical and digital, real-time and archives, data and content. Our skilled information professionals deliver the expertise you need, when you need it, with service options to manage any operational requirements and resource constraints.

LAC Federal
PRO-TEK Vaults

LAC Group is five businesses, operating individually in the past, but now they’re consolidated into one entity to better serve the diverse needs of our clients to manage and leverage information in all forms.

Chase Cost Management (CCM): Indirect spend management programs and consulting services.

LAC Federal: Library and information services for federal government agencies, as both contractor and subcontractor, under GSA and other procurement vehicles.

LibSource: Provider of Library as a Service® encompassing research and reference, collection management, knowledge management and other information management services.

LibGig: Recruiting, staffing and career services for librarians and other knowledge and information management professionals.

PRO-TEK Vaults: Restoration, preservation and archiving of motion picture film and other media assets, both analog and digital.

As these business names go away and consolidate under LAC—the letters L-A-C, not the word lack—their value remains, strengthens and expands.

Four primary service areas

Indirect Spend Management: Monitoring spending on indirect goods and services to maximize financial resources and profitability.

Information Management: Library and other knowledge and information services for physical and digital assets and data.

Media Curation & Monetization: Managing film and other media assets to maximize value for monetary goals as well as historical and archival missions.

Archival Film Storage: Environmentally controlled, specialized long-term storage for motion picture film and other valuable media assets.

Film Digitization: Reliable, high-speed scanning for high-resolution digitization of motion picture film assets.

Film Preservation Services: Inspection, repair, scanning and other services to restore and preserve film-based assets.

Library Content: Traditional information and content management services for libraries, archives and other professional collections.

Metadata & Data Mapping: Metadata and data-mapping services based on sound library science principles and standards.

Competitive Intelligence: Competitor tracking and monitoring future threats for strategic planning and tactical action.

Financial Research: Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and other financial information needs.

IP & Copyright Research: Reduced liability and risk of copyright violations in the digital era and protection of your own intellectual property.

Legal Research: Reliable, comprehensive information support for litigation and other client matters.

Jobs: Online job board for librarians and other knowledge and information management professionals.

Managed Services: Partial- or full-administration of knowledge and information management functions.

Recruiting and Staffing: Identification and vetting of candidates to meet specific job descriptions for any requirements, full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent.

Virtual Workforce: Flexible research and reference team available online for flexible, as-needed information support.

Four primary markets

We have served a variety of organizations, including universities and non-profits, but most of our expertise and experience lies in four major industries:




Media and entertainment

Media and entertainment

One company—LAC Group

Content and data are increasingly produced and consumed in digital format, yet analog information and content on film, paper and other physical media holds significant historical, monetary and contextual value.

Whatever the format, LAC Group will ensure no information is left behind.