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Who is LAC Group?

LAC Group is a leader in delivering high-quality, cost-effective business services that help organizations manage and curate physical and digital information, data and content. We provide critical information management solutions such as competitive intelligence, research services, preservation and archival services, spend and cost management as well as knowledge management services for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, Hollywood studios, academic institutions and government agencies. Truly, though, we are people with expertise and a passion for helping your people make the most of your information assets — real-time and archived, physical or digital.

LAC Group library and information services

As information is increasingly produced and consumed in digital format, the concept of the library is evolving from a place to a service.

That’s the story behind LAC Group’s Library as a Service® (LaaS).

Library as a Service is the delivery of information services by LAC Group staff with specialized skills and experience.

  • Cost-effectiveness and flexibility to meet ever-changing business requirements.
  • Supplemental research support during busy times or to fill gaps in expertise.
  • LAC Group’s core competency in the art and science of information management.

Library as a Service could involve working onsite at your facilities, at an offsite location, or virtually and on-demand. Tell us your preference, and we will model the right solution.

Need a researcher or other information expert?

Tap into a pool of librarianship and information science capabilities and expertise, whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing support. Some of our research and other information services include:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Research Reports and Curated Alerts
  • Copyright Clearance and Permission

Have a library or other information center and need assistance?

LAC Group will help you manage your information assets or completely take over the operations of your library, archive, media center or other collection, keeping it running smoothly and seamlessly.

  • Library Outsourcing and Managed Services
  • Information Asset Curation & Preservation
  • Archives & Records Management

No project is too big or too small, and whether we completely take over the function or add support, our people will work with your people to fit into your organizational culture.

Other LAC Group operating divisions

In addition to library and information services provided under LAC Group, complementary services are also offered under the following operating groups:

  • Chase Cost Management — Spend management and expense reduction services and programs.
  • PRO-TEK — Film and digital media curation, restoration and preservation services.
  • LAC Federal — Knowledge and information services and staffing for government departments and agencies.
  • LibGig — Library/Information Sciences recruiting and career development services.

While we work under different names, we are not in silos. We collaborate and work hand-in-hand when needed to service and support all our clients.

Our expertise, your results

Remember LAC Group and the operating divisions of Chase Cost Management, PRO-TEK, LAC Federal and LibGig. We will help you optimize, leverage and protect the value of one of your most important assets — information.