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Case study: Library roadmap

LAC Group library review for global law firm

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A global firm with over 500 lawyers needed to increase efficiency while enhancing the firm’s knowledge management and information services.

The library roadmap is a strategic plan to help library directors and other decision-makers guide the firm’s information services and resources to an optimized state. Our experts looked at the firm’s workflow, technologies, policies and other factors and offered actionable steps for improvement.

Serving the new information users

The library roadmap places the information user in the driver’s seat, with both qualitative and quantitative measures of their satisfaction and utilization. And the needs of today’s information users are more diverse and complex.

Research is more of a “do-it-yourself” proposition, yet lawyers and other firm staff are already overworked. Technology saves time, but options change daily and the costs can be high. Expert guidance is needed to identify the right tools, eliminate redundancies, find reliable sources and deliver hard-to-find information.

Guiding the library as a service, not a place

Law library space has been re-purposed, eliminated or downsized. Today’s librarians are knowledge management and information service experts, serving users rather than the library itself and supporting business development, client relationships and other needs beyond legal research.

 Client example: global law firm

See how the library roadmap has guided an international firm with over 500 lawyers, specializing in complex litigation and corporate transactions across a wide range of practice areas.

The library roadmap includes:

Current state analysis
Future state assessment
Needs assessment and gap analysis
Recommendations for quick wins and long-term strategies

The library roadmap ensures the firm’s lawyers and staff are empowered to meet client needs and market demands, while laying a solid foundation for tomorrow.