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PRO-TEK Vaults is a division of LAC Group—a leader in Information Management as a Service.
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PRO-TEK Vaults is now LAC Group

Content & archive services

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PRO-TEK Vaults, founded by Eastman Kodak to provide film preservation and archiving services for Hollywood movie studios, was acquired by LAC Group in 2013 and is now part of LAC Group.

Movie-making has gone from film to digital and preservation and archiving needs have changed immensely. Now it’s time to update PRO-TEK Vaults.

We’re integrating PRO-TEK into LAC Group to enhance the services and value we offer our clients. As part of LAC Group’s content & archive services, all our existing film preservation capabilities remain, boosted by the expertise and resources of an international company with hundreds of information management professionals.

Entertainment, news and historical content now come in a wide variety of formats, analog and digital. As a content producer and owner, you have more options than ever for your media assets, giving you new goals and objectives for curating, managing and preserving them.

Content & archive services is the evolution of our preservation services, created to help you meet those new goals and objectives.

Whether it’s historical archiving, commercial monetization or something in-between, LAC Group can help you assess your options, curate your collection and deliver any or all of the services you need to manage and preserve them, for all media formats.

Content & archive services

Comprehensive services, from creation to archive:

PRO-TEK Vaults has been the leader in motion picture film preservation; now we’re so much more, including:

  • Lifecycle planning, inspection and repair, cataloging, metadata tagging and bar-coding services.
  • Experience with all media formats, including moving and still image film, tape and digital.
  • Digitization and digital asset management (DAM) services, including high-speed, high-resolution motion-picture film scanning.

Add LAC Group’s library and information management expertise—including expertise in copyright and other IP protection—and there’s no content we can’t help you protect and leverage, for any purpose and for years to come.

LAC—three letters to remember for content and archive services

Put our content management experts and film archiving heritage to the test. We will ensure your media assets—film, tape, paper and digital—are optimized for all your preservation goals.