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PRO-TEK builds first commercial frozen film vault

Preserving movie and TV archive for major film studio

PRO-TEK Vaults, LAC Group’s film restoration and preservation business, was featured on Los Angeles’ ABC7 Eyewitness News to showcase the grand opening of the first frozen film vault built for commercial film preservation.

Developed for Paramount Pictures, founded in 1912 and Hollywood’s longest operating major movie studio, the new vaults were designed and constructed to maintain a consistent, below-freezing temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit. The studio has chosen this peak archiving environment to ensure preservation of its film collection—including works of high commercial, artistic and cultural value—for future generations.

According to PRO-TEK VP Tim Knapp:

That is ideal to store film in perpetuity, because the natural degradation gets stopped essentially by freezing it.

While digitization is now an essential part in the preservation process for motion pictures and still photographs captured on film, preserving the film itself keeps the creative work intact. “There is nothing yet that replaces going back to that original film element for quality and the highest resolution,” says Tim.

The vault, located in Thousand Oaks, took about a year to complete and has the capacity to hold 500,000 Paramount films.

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