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PRO-TEK to develop film preservation facility

Collaboration with Paramount Pictures

Home Press releases PRO-TEK to develop film preservation facility

PRO-TEK Vaults, a business unit of LAC Group and an industry leader in film archiving and preservation will develop for Paramount Pictures an industry leading state-of –the-art storage facility to preserve the studio’s iconic film library.

Paramount and PRO-TEK have been working together to implement the next phase of preservation and storage technology. Industry recommendation has been to pursue a sub-zero storage environment that according to the Image Permanence Institute (a nonprofit, university-based laboratory devoted to preservation research) would allow for film collections such as Paramount’s to be preserved for hundreds of years.

“Paramount Pictures believes that preserving and restoring its historic film archive requires the latest ground-breaking technology,” said Andrea Kalas, vice president of Archives for Paramount Pictures. “Modern conservation science tells us that with an ideal environment we can literally halt the further degradation of motion picture film of all types. Paramount looks forward to working with PRO-TEK as they continue to refine the film preservation process.”

As part of this agreement, PRO-TEK will work closely with Paramount on the ongoing curatorial and preservation efforts of film inspection and high resolution scanning. PRO-TEK plans to complete construction of the new vaults during the second quarter of 2017.

“The new PRO-TEK vaults will help prevent the further degradation of Paramount’s film and other collections far into the future,” said Rob Corrao, president and chief operating officer for LAC Group. “Our staff will complement the new facility’s features with industry-leading turnaround time for any and all curation and servicing requests.”

About PRO-TEK Vaults

PRO-TEK, a division of LAC Group, offers state-of-the-art inspection, restoration, preservation, curation and archiving services for motion picture, still photography and digital media assets. Launched by Eastman Kodak in 1994 and acquired by LAC Group in 2013, PRO-TEK sets the standard for a precise, critically controlled environment and processes for long-term safeguarding of valuable content. The skills and knowledge of PRO-TEK’s film and digital media experts are unmatched in the areas of provenance, preservation, curation and monetization. PRO-TEK is one of the few businesses capable of delivering full service solutions for the evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry. For more information, please visit