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Library as a Service Platform

Manzama as competitive intelligence partner

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LAC Group’s launch of Library as a Service (“LaaS”) provides flexible, on-demand solutions for law firms and corporations seeking to make the most out of an increasing flood of information.

With the natural evolution of LAC Group’s library staffing, research services, information and knowledge management consulting, and archival services, LaaS includes a full spectrum of capabilities encompassing traditional on-site staffing and library management as well as cloud-based content delivery platforms and LAC’s distributed network of North American and UK-based researchers, librarians and information specialists.

At the core of LAC Group’s LaaS is a North American and UK-based distributed work force of research and information science experts. The distributed LaaS team works virtually, responding to client-directed requests in LAC’s proprietary, secure, cloud-based platform.  The platform matches requests with the correct information specialist (or specialists), routes and tracks the progress of the request, QC’s the results/findings and then delivers back the “answer” to the client.

Clients can access services through LAC’s configurable Knowledge Services Portal (KSP) or via existing organizational resources (including intranets, email or other internal portals). Library as a Service leverages both client-side and LAC subscriptions to offer complete end-to-end library management solutions and/or incremental offerings that augment existing in-house capabilities.

LAC is proud to announce that Manzama, a leader in “intelligent listening” solutions, will be the foundational partner of LaaS and power LAC’s curated alert service for business and competitive intelligence.  Manzama classifies and ranks thousands of legal industry and client industry blogs, news sites, as well as other social media sites to uncover the most relevant and important information in support of an organization’s business development and practice strategies.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter featuring the LaaS platform, Knowledge Services Portal (KSP).

About LibSource

LibSource delivers flexible and cost-effective Library as a Service solutions for research, business intelligence and other information center needs. Enterprise clients have the option to deploy full or hybrid managed services to maintain the presence of their physical library without the administrative burden, as well as taking advantage of virtual, cloud-based service with subscription options that meet any needs. Whether temporary projects or long-term relationships, LibSource employs researchers, competitive intelligence experts and other library professionals with specialized training and experience to help organizations excel in today’s knowledge-driven economy.