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LAC Group launches Library as a Service

Home Press releases LAC Group launches Library as a Service

LAC Group, the Leader in Information Curation and Knowledge Management, today announces the launch of Library as a Service (“LaaS”) for law firms and corporations. LaaS includes a spectrum of capabilities encompassing traditional on-site staffing and library management as well as cloud-based content delivery platforms and LAC’s distributed network of North American and UK-based researchers, librarians and information specialists.

Clients can access services through LAC’s configurable Knowledge Services Portal or via existing organizational resources (including intranets, email or other internal portals). Library as a Service leverages both client-side and LAC subscriptions to offer complete end-to-end library management solutions and/or incremental offerings that augment existing in-house capabilities. As an example, a specific client-directed research request submitted through the portal is securely routed to one or many LAC professionals. The research is conducted using a suite of proprietary and authorized third party tools. Answers/data are quality checked and ultimately submitted back to the requestor. LAC Library as a Service maximizes a firm’s resource utilization, extends subject matter expertise and curates data streams driving monetization opportunities.

“Organizational information management is undergoing a massive sea change,” notes Deborah Schwarz, Founder and CEO of LAC Group. “On one hand, the availability of and access to data is at unprecedented levels. On the other hand, organizations are coming under increasing pressure to contain information related spending. Those that can flexibly respond to these pressures while leveraging the power of information will generate significant advantages.”

A cornerstone of LAC’s Library as a Service is its Competitive Intelligence engine powered by Manzama, a “Listening Platform” that automatically scours the web for information and then analyzes and classifies this information for relevance and importance. Combining LAC’s work force of tested and trained researchers and information professionals with Manzama, LaaS delivers a turnkey service of curated, on point information that culls the wheat from the chaff.

“LAC rounds out our technology platform in that it will give our mutual clients domain experts that will be well-positioned to help with a variety of strategic initiatives. This will be a game-changing feature for firms that have the right vision, but lack the necessary skill set and/or resources to execute on their vision,” says Peter Ozolin, Manzama CEO. “The LaaS/Manzama combination will give them a trusted solution to ensure they are getting the right information at the right time.”

In addition to Manzama’s competitive intelligence capabilities, Library as a Service includes the Knowledge Services Portal, integrated library solution (ILS) offerings, spend management consulting services, rights clearance services, cataloging and metadata services as well as a full suite of primary and secondary research offerings.


LAC Group is a market-leading, outsourced provider of library, information, and knowledge management services to blue-chip customers including corporations, government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, and universities. Founded in 1986 and based in Los Angeles, LAC is a leader in the outsourced business services market and has a strong track record of delivering high-quality, cost-effective services that help organizations manage and curate physical and digital information, data, and content. For more information, please visit