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LAC Group to host webinar on working remotely

Home Press releases LAC Group to host webinar on working remotely

On November 13, 2018, at 1 pm ET, Brad Rogers, Recruiting Director at LibGig, will kick off a webinar to clear up the misconceptions of remote work in “Busting the myths of working remote.” He will be joined by Vice President of Research & Intelligence, John DiGilio, who manages LAC Group’s virtual research team, to discuss:

  • What remote work is really like
  • The pros and cons and what it takes to be a remote worker
  • What employers expect of their remote employees
  • Potential remote work openings for LIS candidates

Brad is responsible for running LibGig operations, web services and managing recruitment for LibGig and LAC Group. John oversees all of LAC Group’s Library as a Service research programs and staff. He has authored numerous articles and research papers on law librarianship, legal research and ethics.

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