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LAC Group earns Boeing Performance Excellence Award

LAC Group earns award for library services

Home Press releases LAC Group earns Boeing Performance Excellence Award

LAC Group has received a Gold-level Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) for achieving superior performance in delivering library, research and KM services to The Boeing Company’s employees. LAC Group delivers Boeing Library as a Service (LaaS) solutions for research, business intelligence and other information center needs and performs the work that earned the award.

The LAC team handles copyright permissions and licensing agreements for Boeing domestically as well as internationally. The work includes requests for permission to share videos, articles, sections from books, logos and more. If, for example, an employee wants to include photography or artwork from another company in a Boeing presentation, we would identify and contact the rights-holder to explain the use and secure permission to use.

“LAC Group’s work includes turning around permission requests as quickly as possible and negotiating licensing rates for us,” said Jenna Oliver, librarian, Copyright Services at Boeing. “They are an extension of our team.”

In 2015, LAC Group received a Silver-level BPEA for delivering library services to the aircraft maker. Boeing counts more than 21,000 companies around the globe as suppliers and partners. LAC Group was among the two percent of these thousands of suppliers to receive a Silver BPEA.

“We’re among our toughest critics,” said CEO Rob Corrao. “Having Boeing validate that we’re exceeding what’s asked for is a source of pride for all of us at LAC Group.”

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