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CCM execs deliver spend-management strategies

At SLA Conference

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Chase Cost Management executives Robyn Rebollo and Nicole Dupras will present the session “Centralizing and Benchmarking Fee-Based Information Resources” at the 2017 Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual conference in Phoenix on Sunday, June 18 at 9:00 a.m. to help information professionals better manage expenses, including research subscriptions. Chase Cost Management (CCM) helps law firms and corporations improve library services with tools and strategies for spend management and cost reduction.

“Our presentation gives information professionals and librarians the techniques to expertly manage their information center and library spend,” says Dupras, manager of Legal Research Consulting for CCM. “Analyzing contracts and user costs are just a couple of the things that subscribers of research need to look at to arrive at the best deal.”

At CCM, Dupras oversees the review and optimization of what clients spend on legal information resources. She also negotiates with vendors and reviews contract on behalf of CCM’s clients. Dupras is president of the New York chapter of SLA.

“A key challenge for information pros is uncovering savings on indirect spending without disrupting business,” says Rebollo, CCM’s vice president. “Smart spend-management practices recover money that employers can use to fund priorities or investments. It takes equal parts due diligence and experience to stay on top of costs.”

Rebollo’s expertise with library administration and information technologies includes work in North America and Australia. She has also designed, developed and implemented information and knowledge solutions for corporations, law firms and universities.

Some of the tips Rebollo and Dupras offer attendees for negotiating better terms on research subscriptions include:  Analyzing and comparing metrics for specific users versus overall research sessions; identifying usage that might not appear in standard reports; pinpointing which departments continuously access a research product; and comparing the terms of use for current contracts alongside earlier versions.

About About Chase Cost Management

Chase Cost Management (CCM) was founded in 1998 in New York City, operating as a division of LAC Group since 2011. CCM provides strategic spend management advice and programs that enable large enterprises to contain costs and reduce expenses for optimal financial performance. Proven results are based on in-market experience, contract negotiation expertise, benchmarking knowledge and access to extensive data on costs, expenditures, vendors and SKUs. CCM serves major law firms and Fortune 500 corporations.

Chase Cost Management (CCM) is not affiliated with JPMorgan Chase & Co. or its “Chase” branded financial services.