Foresights & Friends Podcast

A series of exclusive interviews with LAC partners
and how they use onward knowledge to take action today

Foresights & Friends is a podcast for forward-looking senior decision-makers in the legal and corporate world. We talk with industry experts to discover how they’ve built and executed dynamic, multifaceted strategies in their organization with action-oriented and timely information.

Episode #2

From librarian to senior executive: CN + LAC Group

Fiona Murray, CN’s VP of Public & Government Affairs shares her career journey from librarian to senior executive and how information services impacts the corporate world.

Episode #1

CI & Strategic Planning: AARP + LAC Group

David Wickenden, Senior VP of Corporate Strategy & Strategic Impact at AARP joins us for a conversation about the role CI and foresight can play in building a world-beating strategy for a national organization.

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