One-Stop Research Support Shop for Law Firms: Library, Marketing & Business Development

On-demand research professionals with in-house experience

The imminent return to the office is leaving library and research managers, as well as marketing and business development executives ill-equipped to meet the peaks in demand for support services.

When demand outpaces internal capacity, turn to the skilled information professionals at LAC Group for support. As a trusted information services partner in the legal industry for over 35 years, we have developed a unique model to deliver on the research and information needs of various functions within a law firm.

With minimal upfront commitment, your firm can gain the just-in-time support it needs to quickly and reliably leverage on-demand research, actionable intelligence and turnkey content marketing support.

An extension of your team, regardless of your department

From Library Directors, to Chief Marketing Officers, to Business Development teams, we work with everyone — bringing new insights and a fresh perspective to ensure all needs are met.

No topic is out of reach. Just tell us your requirements and our team will find the right person for the job.

LAC’s continuum of information services and capabilities

Library & Research

• Legislative and regulatory research
• Intellectual property research
• Financial and SEC research
• Industry-specific and technical research support
• Document delivery and news alerts


• Current awareness on issues that matter to your clients
• Industry-specific research and analysis tailored to meet the interest and urgent concerns of business leaders
• Thought leadership programs (e.g., industry reports, content for blogs, newsletters, infographics, etc.)
• Internal knowledge to help attorneys speak proficiently with clients about their business priorities

Business Development

• CI support to stay abreast of prospect and client developments and proactively anticipate legal needs
• Key industry sector reports to identify revenue-generating opportunities
• Mapped-out business trends and how they will impact the demand for legal services

Tangible value and results

Our flexible and scalable model is designed to expand your research, intelligence and content marketing capacity beyond regular business hours as well as supplement your current internal team. This allows you to tap into our expertise and infrastructure for after-hours support, special projects, or extra resources when needed.

With LAC, you will benefit from:

15-hour workday, Monday - Friday from 8 am - 11 pm ET

Reduced operational burdens by leveraging our systems and processes

An expanded talent pool of legal librarians, CI analysts, economists, JDs, information project managers, editors, and more

Workflow transparency and request-tracking through our secure Research Management System

A cost-efficient and consistent support model