Preparing for the metaverse

Top 4 areas your peers are tracking

The metaverse is reshaping business plans, investments, deals and consumer engagement across multiple sectors. For law firms, it is garnering attention because it presents opportunities for growth through the evolution of services in a virtual space. Staying abreast of this new technology is crucial — even as the metaverse landscape is cluttered and changing rapidly.

To help you prepare, we’re sharing the top 4 areas we see law firms tracking in the metaverse via intelligence briefings:

Real Estate

Firms will see opportunities in real estate transactions and new technology specific to real estate in the metaverse. They should prepare to advise clients regarding regulatory issues (new or emerging), risks associated with real estate investments including privacy and data security, as well as other areas of potential liability. Decentralization is a larger issue, such as real estate-focused Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and decentralized applications (dApps).


The healthcare sector is already leveraging the metaverse and related technologies like VR/MR for therapeutic treatments, primary care and research. Emerging legal services implications include privacy and data security, product and malpractice liabilities, intellectual property (IP)creation and protection, investments, and M&A. Other considerations include who pays for services (and how), the rate of adoption by consumers and the industry and decentralization issues (DAO and dApps).

Commerce, NFTS & Cryptocurrency

Firms are watching transactions and technology specific to commerce in the metaverse, the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency in commerce: venture capital, investments, payment methods (e.g., the payment ring) and how they’re invested in the metaverse. There are important regulatory developments, as well as litigation related to IP, blockchain and decentralization issues (DAO and dApps).

Entertainment & Gaming

Entertainment and gaming is the most active and “mature” sector within the metaverse. Many enterprises are exploring opportunities in merchandising (including the use of NFTs) within gaming, arts, fashion/apparel and sports. Top legal services considerations include regulatory developments, privacy and data security issues, litigation, IP, and the use of NFTs and investments or transactions.

Metaverse insights delivered

Do you already have a practice in this space? Is your firm searching for insights regarding the areas above?

While we’ve summarized the trending areas of the metaverse, every intelligence briefing we produce is customized and unique to each firm’s practice areas.

Whether you’re looking to identify cross-practice opportunities around new and future digital assets, track emerging regulatory requirements, or produce thought leadership and market-driven social content, our team of analysts will deliver actionable and contextualized insights on any aspect of the metaverse you want to know about.

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