Deb-SchwarzLibSource is one of four global vendors for information service outsourcing being featured in a report published by Jinfo (formerly FreePint), a UK-based research and consulting company dedicated to information services and systems.

LAC Group Founder/CEO Deborah Schwarz was interviewed, sharing her perspective on a variety of outsourcing topics, including key drivers, challenges and opportunities.

“We are honored to be included in this report on global outsourcing vendors for library and information services. Jinfo will help decision-makers in law firms, corporations and other organizations looking for new ways to meet their needs for knowledge and information services.”

Available through a Jinfo subscription, the LibSource article is available here.Print

The series also includes other vendor interviews, a look at “The ebbs and flows of outsourcing your information centre” and an overview of the outsourcing market landscape for information services.

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