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5 career guides for information professionals

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Our career guides on library and information sciences jobs are full of tips, advice and resources to navigate today’s shifting employment landscape.

All about careers in competitive intelligence

CI careers
Interested in a career as a researcher in law or business?

Consider Competitive Intelligence (CI), the ethical gathering, analysis and presentation of information in the process of monitoring business rivals.

This booklet will offer information about a career in Competitive Intelligence, including:

  • Typical roles and responsibilities
  • Average compensation
  • Required training, skills and experience

Landing a job with an MLIS/LIS Degree

Landing a LIS MLIS job
You are undertaking more than a job search—you are taking the first steps toward your professional career. How you will earn a living, contribute your talents and make your mark in the world are all part of the equation. Plus, you are doing so in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity.

Planning is a crucial first step, and this booklet offers helpful guidance, including how to:

  • Identify and pursue the right opportunities
  • Bridge the experience gap
  • Stay positive and persistent!

Careers in archiving and curation

Archiving and curation

If you enjoy finding, organizing, interpreting and presenting items of interest, a career in archiving, curation or preservation may be for you.

Whether you’re new or a veteran to the industry, check out our guide, Archiving and Curation, to learn about:

  • Typical responsibilities in archiving, curation and preservation
  • Interesting archiving and curation work in film, media and other industries you may not have considered
  • Associations that offer invaluable networking opportunities, many with free student memberships

Careers in knowledge management

KM careers

Looking to explore opportunities in the dynamic field of knowledge management?

Discover different KM career paths, with first-person advice from knowledge managers working for LAC Group in law and business.

Knowledge Management Careers also covers:

  • KM principles and useful skills to implement and promote
  • KM positions that leverage LIS skills and advantages
  • Resources available to find a KM job

Busting the myths of working remotely

Working remotelyRemote work is attracting more job-seekers looking for greater flexibility and control, yet many potential candidates have unrealistic expectations.

Find out if remote work is right for you with Busting the myths of working remotely.

This guide reveals:

  • The pros and cons of remote work
  • Employee and employer misconceptions
  • What employers look for when hiring remote workers

Co-branding for universities and other organizations

If you are a university or other organization interested in making this career guide available (branded or unbranded) to your students, alumni or other stakeholders, please contact us for options.

“LAC Group’s digital booklets are a valuable resource for our alumni, current students, and prospective students. The first booklet on career opportunities in competitive intelligence really opened eyes to the expanding job market for information professionals.”

Nicole Purviance
Director of Marketing and Communications
School of Information, San José State University

LibGig, the career site dedicated to information professionals

We invite you to visit LibGig, our online community and job board for opportunities in the library sciences, knowledge and information management fields. View our open positions, take a moment to register and upload your resume or build one online.