Law Firms Spending $5 – $10 Million on Business Development

Survey Shows AmLaw 200 Firms Using Library and Marketing More Strategically

THURSDAY, October 1, 2015

LAC Group Strategic Role Law Library Marketing - Press Release

A sampling of U.S. law firms by LAC Group, creator of Library as a Service® and a leader in library outsourcing and other services for law firms, shows that firms are investing heavily in competitive intelligence and market research.

Findings are summarized in the report, “Teamwork on the Legal Frontline – The Strategic New Roles of Marketing and the Library in Big Law”. This free report offers insights into how law firms are leveraging their library and marketing department to optimize business development and client retention efforts:

  • Firms are investing big in business development, with 42% spending between $5 – 10 million on staff, resources and technology.
  • 80% of firm librarians indicate that the research workload has increased while staffing has decreased in the past three years. To meet shortfalls, 60% use outsourced or contract staff.
  • Competitive Intelligence is where the library and marketing departments converge, with over 57% sharing responsibility for business development work.

Download the full press release here.