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SpendSmarts September 22 2016 issue

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This issue is about PAPER – controlling the costs of multi-functional devices and the persistent rumors of the paperless office.

Hewlett Packard announced it will acquire Samsung’s printing business. HP and Samsung currently hold the number 1 and number 5 positions globally according to IDC.As the glacial transition from paper to digital continues, SECURITY is a new concern. According to CCM VP Patrick Gleason,


“Two of the main drivers for law firms and businesses contemplating purchasing or leasing printer fleets are security and serviceability.  To stay competitive, multi-functional devices will have to have enhanced security features to satisfy increased security protocols, and clients are demanding better reliability and reducing servicing costs.”

Learn more on HP acquisition and the company’s new multi-function printer portfolio (15 new products).

Harvard Business Review came up with the phrase “paperless clearing house” in 1966. Business Week speculated in 1975 that most of our record processing would be done through technology by the start of the 1990s.Yet in 2016, business still relies on paper.

Average number of paper sheets used by an office worker annually 10,000
Number of times the average document is copied 10 times
Percent of office paper printed that ends up in the trash by the end of day 45%

That’s why CCM offers spend services for MFDs and related products and services. Let us know if you would like to hear more about them.

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