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SpendSmarts October 19 2016 issue

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This issue is about the CORNER OFFICE, and the upcoming COO & CFO Forum for the executives who occupy it.

See you at the Law Firm COO & CFO Forum

CCM’s parent company, LAC Group, is a sponsor of the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute COO & CFO Forum, just a few weeks away on October 27 – 28 at the New York Marriott Downtown.

Panel on client partnership and collaboration moderated by LibSource Executive Vice President John Harbison.

Event details on Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute website.

Is CLIENT LOYALTY a thing of the past?

Chime in with other law firm managers and executives! Your input is needed for guiding a panel discussion on client loyalty and expectations at this year’s Forum.

If you work for a law firm, take a few minutes to answer 5 questions. RESPONSES WILL BE ANONYMOUS and used only in compiled results, which we’ll make available to all survey respondents.




One size fits all: new law firm office layout

Office space in large law firms has long been carved out based on lawyer rank, but a number of factors (cost yes, but other more strategic reasons) are chipping away at that tradition.

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How much office space $5K per month will get you in several US cities

An interesting snapshot comparison of office rents across a handful of major US markets, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Read entire article →

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