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SpendSmarts February 23 2017 issue

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Chase Cost Management
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How CCM trimmed 17% from one company’s office supply expenses


Profitability is the goal of business, but it’s a challenge in markets that are competitive or industries that operate on thin margins. Keep more of your profits in-house by controlling what goes out the door. See our latest case study on office product savings we uncovered for a multi-billion, multi-location business.

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Think you’ve negotiated great savings on a contract? It doesn’t matter, unless you make sure you’re getting them!
As much as 30% of negotiated vendor savings are never realized because of non-compliance issues like poor internal controls on the buyer side and pricing changes or errors on the the vendor side.

Accenture “YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT %” 2014

We only win if you win


Working with CCM is a classic win-win scenario. We make sure you get your negotiated savings and only get paid if you save. Contact Natalya Berdzeni for an explanation of how it works.

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