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SpendSmarts December 8 2016 issue

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The battle for LexisNexis and Westlaw market share and mindshare


CCM VP Robyn Rebollo updates the information services landscape in her report, In the Beginning, There Were Two, including the latest from the big 2 and 21 alternatives and niche players. Get an overview with option to download her full report.

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IP rights for office supplies?

Who knew the looming Supreme Court battle over intellectual property rights would be fought over toners and toner resellers? Lexmark is suing a major refurbished printer company, claiming intellectual property/patent rights. Lexmark is facing opposition in Silicon Valley, as many products have a wide variety of underlying patents being reused in new ways.

Meanwhile, the procurement options are the only thing more complicated than the technology!


Spend Trend: From Robyn Rebollo’s report – Recent findings from ALM’s Legal Intelligence 2016 Law Librarian Survey report that median spending dropped by $243K for Lexis and $428K for Westlaw.


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