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The Curator September 15 2016 issue

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For law librarians: ongoing change in law firm operations

LAC Group CEO/Founder Deb Schwarz writes frequently on the topic of ongoing changes in the delivery of legal services and the effect on law libraries and information centers. Her two latest views were published on LinkedIn:

Law firms taking second look at library outsourcing

New bottom line for law firms: a fresh look at the status quo

For all information professionals: career tips and trends

LAC Group’s recruiting division, LibGig, recently conducted a survey of online job boards and the number one complaint was about the challenge of crafting relevant keyword searches.

“Library” is no longer a sufficient keyword for job searchers

San Jose State University School of Information collected data on job requirements from 400 job postings for library and information science professionals the first few months of 2016.

Employers want candidates who are adept at: 

  • Communication and collaboration, moving these soft skills from nice-have to must-have.
  • Trend spotting and analyzing and implementing new trends and technologies.
  • Training and educating others. 

Much lower on the list were skills like collection management and operations/facility management.

2016 career trends for information professionals

For public librarians – new Pew Research surveys

How Americans are reading books

  • We are reading fewer books overall, down by 6% since 2011.
  • e-books have risen in popularity from 17% to 28% the last five years, with smartphones and tablets becoming the device of choice over dedicated e-readers.
  • The majority of Americans (65%) continue to read books the old-fashioned way.

Alas, the survey did not include data on books borrowed from a library.

Book Reading 2016 survey from Pew Research

How Americans perceive public libraries

  • 80% think libraries should be teaching digital skills.
  • 53% of Americans age 16 or older have had public library interaction in the past year.
  • Americans are pretty evenly split as to whether libraries should move books for more community space (24%) or not (31%).

Alas 19% of American adults say they have never visited a public library.

Public Libraries 2016 survey from Pew Research

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