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The Curator March 7 2017 issue

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What kind of content is in the deep web?

We’ve been talking about deep web vs. surface web and John DiGilio, Senior Director of Research and Intelligence for LibSource, just conducted a webinar you may have attended. Learn more on the kind of content contained in the deep web, and why librarians make the best deep divers.

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If you think the above headline is an oxymoron and that “career” and “contracting” should never be in the same sentence, we invite (and even implore) you to read this article by Jocelyn McNamara, Deputy Director of LAC Federal. She explains why it’s not only possible, but could be desirable, including her own personal story.

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Speaking of careers, how about motion picture preservation?

We’re willing to bet that most of our readers have never considered motion picture film preservation as a career option. Learn more about this archiving niche from our colleagues at PRO-TEK. VP Tim Knapp discusses preservation as a creative, technical and challenging process.

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