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The Curator August 11 2017 issue

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The Curator Newsletter
August 11, 2017

the curator

Librarians as mentors


We’ve always known librarians make great tutors, so it stands to reason that librarians also make great mentors. A member of our UK team, Clare Brown, shares her thoughts on mentoring, prompted by her own experiences and by an article in Forbes that declared 2017 the year to get serious about mentoring. And yes, it has a Millennial twist.

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LIS generation divide

You may have missed Kim Dority’s articles about the rift between young and old / new and experienced librarians on our LibGig librarian career site. Let’s repair that rift by helping each other out. Check out this article and consider how you can be part of the solution—like mentoring. If you’re just getting started, help an experienced librarian with a skill refresh. Experienced librarians, offer some guidance to the rookies.

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Film scanner arrival

New PRO-TEK film preservation capabilities

We’ve added two new “additions” to the PRO-TEK “family” though we shouldn’t use a people metaphor because those additions are a new piece of equipment and a new state-of-the-art, super-cold film vault.

New equipment: We recently took delivery of a Lasergraphics motion picture film scanner for high quality archival film scanning and restoration. It’s out of the crate and set-up, but we’ll wait to reveal it when we can talk more about it.

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New cold vault

New space: The picture is an early construction photo of our new, state-of-the-art, below-freezing (29 degrees F) film storage vault. If you tour one of our regular film vaults, we advise a jacket and slathering on some lotion first because the air is so cold and dry. For this facility, you’ll need to add a hat and gloves.

More on the new film vault

Women pioneers in film animation

PRO-TEK honors women pioneers in film animation

Donna Holbeck, Operations Director at PRO-TEK’s Thousand Oaks facility has been busier than usual this summer, with the new cold-storage vault construction on top of her regular job. She did find time to take a client to a special event honoring the women who were pioneers of hand-rendered animation and are finally earning some overdue recognition. (Makes us think of the women who were space program pioneers and unsung heroines until their “Hidden Figures” recognition and fame.)

Donna says:

“Highlights for me were learning about these two amazing women: Marjorie Champion (then Belcher), who is 97 years young and was the live model for Snow White and the Blue Fairy. She is so feisty! And Ruthie Tompson, who is now 107—yes, 107! She worked for Disney for 40 years, was an inker on Snow White and was one of the first women to be admitted into the International Photographers Union.”

More on this event

Government change and innovation


We’ve collected some great reading on innovating federal government by improving information access. Everything from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s new “USA Facts” website to our own Jonathan’s Barney’s advice on visualizing a more perfect union.

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Paramount Film Exchange building tour

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