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LAC Group celebrates 30 years in business

Looking back over the past three decades

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Were you around in 1986?

  • Top Gun was the top-grossing movie of the year.
  • Spain and Portugal joined the EEC.
  • The 386 series of microprocessor was introduced by Intel.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted nationally.
  • Chernobyl exploded on April 26th causing the release of radioactive material across much of Europe.
  • Halley’s Comet was visible from the Earth in August. Its next appearance will be in 2061.

And, in December 1986, Deborah Schwarz founded her first company, which was named Library, Inc.

Library, Inc. becomes LAC Group


Ms. Schwarz had been a library director who decided to start a boutique staffing agency for law firm libraries in southern California. It was a risky move for a woman, financially and professionally. She says that her accountant jokingly advised her to find a rich husband to fund the venture.

Today, Library, Inc. is a multinational, multi-faceted family of companies known as LAC Group, providing information services and operational expertise on a client-driven, flexible term basis.

State of the company


Nearly 400 employees


Over $34 million in revenue


Offices throughout the U.S. and U.K.


Acquisitions include Chase Cost Management and PRO-TEK Vaults, formerly a division of Eastman Kodak

LAC Group businesses

  • LibSource – Providers of LaaS (Library as a Service®) delivered on-demand and/or onsite.
  • Chase Cost Management (CCM) – Indirect spend management consulting services and programs.
  • PRO-TEK Vaults – Curation and preservation services for motion picture film and other media.
  • LAC Federal – Information services and staffing for the U.S. Federal Government.
  • LibGig – Staffing, recruiting and job board for library and information science positions.

LAC Group markets


AmLaw 200 law firms


Fortune 1000 corporations


Major media and entertainment


Higher education

LAC Group offers efficiency, flexibility and value to organizations looking to reduce fixed overhead, optimize their resources and find alternatives to non-core business areas.

LAC Group milestones

  • March 2011: LAC Group opened a UK office, located in Oxford.
  • November 2011:  LAC Group merged with Chase Cost Management (CCM), an expense reduction services firm located in New York.
  • December 2011: LAC Group named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the city’s top 100 fastest growing private companies in L.A. County and one of the top 100 largest women-owned L.A. County-based businesses.
  • October 2013: LAC Group acquired Kodak’s PRO-TEK film preservation subsidiary.
  • April 2014: LAC Group launched Library as a Service (LaaS).
  • April 2016: LAC Group launched LibSource, the new name for the business unit that will market LAC Group’s core Library as a Service® platform and suite of services.