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The same federal procurement capabilities

Our team and offices in the Washington DC area remain in-place and will continue to work in trusted partnership with your staff and other contractors to support your mission, goals and objectives and ensure your satisfaction and success.

Yet as digitization and other forces are creating new needs, LAC Group is evolving and responding to meet them. Now you’ll gain access to greater expertise, best-practice insights from different industries and an expanded menu of services for knowledge and information management. Draw from over 30 years of experience and know-how across all of LAC Group’s service lines.

While more government services are being delivered digitally, vast troves of agency information still exist on paper, film and tape. Manage them all with support from LAC Group federal services and our expanded network of library, archiving and information management capabilities.

  • Consulting services to help you comply with requirements for information access and digital delivery.
  • Content services for every step, including restoration and preservation of original media in any format, digitization, metadata, data-mapping, lifecycle planning and more.
  • Research and intelligence services for both archived and “real” time information.
  • Comprehensive library services and knowledge and information management capabilities.

Above all, federal agencies know LAC Group for staffing and recruiting dedicated to librarians and other knowledge and information management professionals, and that won’t change. We’re keeping our LibGig job board and online talent community to ensure we can find the experience and skills you seek, when you need them.

Federal agencies

Find LAC Group on GSA Schedules and other contract vehicles for:

  • Temporary administrative and professional staffing services
  • Office, imaging and document solutions
  • General purpose commercial information technology services

Prime contractors

LAC Group is a trusted provider to several contracting companies, providing specific skills in various library and knowledge and information management services. Contact us to discuss your partnership needs.

LAC—three letters to remember for knowledge and information management support

When you need a reliable, capable resource for managing, preserving and optimizing data and information assets—physical and digital—remember three letters: LAC. The “L” stands for library, and we’ve been serving federal libraries and archives for a long time.