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Jonathan Barney

Proposal & Contracts Manager, Federal Services

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“The key to success in any endeavor can be summed up thus: be flexible, be patient, be helpful, be curious. Everything else is just detail.”

Jonathan Barney serves as LAC Group’s Proposal and Contracts Manager.  As Proposal Manager, he is responsible for organizing responses to federal Requests for Proposals including leading solution planning and coordinating input from subject matter experts, technical writers, and so forth.  He also contributes a significant share of the writing and provides assistance with recruiting and captures management as needed.  As Contracts Manager, Jonathan maintains LAC Group’s federal contracts and ensures that operational staff are aware of their contractual duties and liaises with accounting to ensure accurate invoicing and reporting.

Available as speaker and reference for:

  • Technical and proposal writing
  • Project planning
  • Information and knowledge management


  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Minor in Linguistics and Classics from Utah State University
  • Certificate in Arabic, American University in Cairo
  • Graduate Work in Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
  • Masters of Library and Information Science, University of Maryland, College Park


  • Avid reader in history (especially U.S. and Middle Eastern), linguistics, mythology/folklore, and religion
  • Studying and learning languages especially Romance, Germanic and Semitic languages
  • Enjoys camping and hiking