Cradle-to-archive services for professional content creators

If your business is in news, movies, television or publishing, content is what you do. With relentless information needs and increasingly complex requirements for archiving and accessibility, you can rely on the media capabilities and expertise of LAC Group.

LAC Group is one of the few providers of end-to-end content and information management services. From research support to video ingestion to film preservation of historical and current movies and programming, you’ll find the content and information experts of LAC Group playing an important role.

Professional media libraries need professional librarians

Librarians are the true content management experts and with roots in library services, LAC Group employs hundreds of librarians, archivists, researchers and other information professionals experienced in film, video, paper and digital media, both active and archived collections.

Managing and optimizing high-value content in any format

While content is increasingly born digital, most news and entertainment providers have valuable film and tape collections as well, and LAC Group can manage and optimize them all:

  • Safety and nitrate film preservation and archiving services, rooted in our 2013 acquisition of PRO-TEK Vaults from Eastman Kodak, including specialized vault storage for Safety film and other photography.
  • Cataloging, encoding, indexing, linking and other content ingestion tasks.
  • High-resolution, high-speed motion picture film scanning using the Lasergraphics Director 10K.
  • Digital asset management (DAM) services including tagging and metadata, data mapping, data lifecycle management, user access and digital archiving.

Flexible options for research and other knowledge services

Newsrooms and other media organizations are running lean, with research needs increasingly being supported by providers like LAC Group. Whether your needs involve active content, archives or both, we offer flexible, economical options for coverage on evenings, weekends and holidays; onsite or remote workers; support for special projects and busier-than-usual workloads.

How can we support your media management efforts?

LAC Group is a valued provider of content and information management services to leaders in the media and entertainment industry, from the largest, most established players to independents and start-ups:

  • Operational management of media libraries and archives
  • Research support for 24×7 news and other needs
  • Specialized film vaults and preservation processes
  • High-speed, high-resolution scanning of still and moving images
  • Administrative functions to prepare content for internal or external access

For content that’s born digital to historical film and video collections in need of preservation, we’re happy to assess your needs and meet all your goals and objectives—financial, operational and cultural / historical.