Big law, big headaches

The L in LAC is for library, but it could stand for legal, since the company was founded by a law library director as a niche staffing agency for law firm libraries.

Big law has changed, firm libraries have been downsized or repurposed and LAC Group offers more comprehensive and diverse knowledge and information services to all kinds of organizations—but law firms will always be a major focus.

When and why do law firms turn to LAC Group?

Legal clients rely on LAC Group for support and expertise in three key areas: research services, library and information center staffing and spend management consulting. But the main reason they come to us is the value they gain from our flexibility and expertise.

Flexible options for research, library and information services

LAC Group’s flexible, “information management as a service” approach enables the one characteristic that the most staid, traditional firms are adopting: agility. With greater competitive and cost recovery challenges, agility and economy have become key decision-making drivers in how law firms gain the research and other information support they need.

Expertise in optimizing firm resources and profitability

Expertise comes from a combination of capabilities and experience, which LAC Group delivers. Our information management professionals have advanced training and experience in law, business and federal government. LAC spend management consultants have been able to increased firm profits by monitoring and containing procurement costs on everything from information/library services to black car transportation.


❝When we started using LAC’s virtual services to supplement our in-house library, we gained access to a wider knowledge base, and our attorneys were overjoyed when we announced that we were extending the library’s service hours.❞
Large law firm


Working with LAC Group

Having worked with law firms for over thirty years, we understand that many decision-makers with different needs and preferences can be involved. We’ve also been part of the changing landscape for legal services, which is why we strive to be responsive, working with you to gain the support and value you need on your terms.

Options for library and information services

  • Virtual research support through our secure, online portal (on-demand with a nominal time commitment)
  • Recruiting services and an online job board for librarians, researchers and other knowledge and information staff—full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary.
  • Managed services, when you prefer the expertise and economy of having any or all of our library and information services operated for you.

Options for spend management consulting and programs

LAC Group’s spend management group (formerly known as CCM or Chase Cost Management) offers consulting services and programs based on a proven, multi-step framework from assessment to monitoring. Start with one problem purchasing category or ask for a more comprehensive view. All engagements start with an initial, no-obligation consultation—and the best part is that our fees come from the savings we identify and secure for your firm.

How can we alleviate your support headaches?

Now that you know how LAC Group supports and adds value to medium-large law firms, keep us in mind for your needs. We’re happy to come in and discuss not only your current obstacles and concerns, but your plans and strategies for becoming a more agile, competitive firm.