Services to optimize research, budgets and information resources

When and why do law firms turn to LAC Group?

With over 30 years of medium-big law experience in the US and Canada, the L in LAC could stand for Legal, as we understand the opportunities and challenges facing the legal industry:

  • Identify new markets, practice areas and business opportunities
  • Maintain and expand key client relationships
  • Stay ahead of the innovation / disruption curve
  • Avoid future risks and competitive threats
  • Enhance profitability by optimizing financial and operational resources

We start with identifying your priorities and articulating how you will achieve your goals and follow with curation, context and analysis to deliver the most relevant and actionable ideas, programs and information. The value we deliver comes in many ways, all leading to optimal use of vital resources.

Flexible options for library and information services

  • Fill staffing or skills gaps and extend hours to deliver better service to attorneys, business development teams and other decision-makers. Our virtual support option allows you to leverage our remote workforce and comprehensive time zone coverage, reducing or eliminating the need for overtime hours.
  • Gain the value of full utilization at a fraction of the cost for information services, while reducing or removing administrative burdens.
  • Enhance your research and intelligence function or turn it over to us for full-time management and administrative ease. We deliver service as needed, including support for short-term projects and peak workloads.

Research and intelligence for all information needs

Help your attorneys become experts in client industries, your marketing and business development teams create targeted pitches and campaigns, and your executive team anticipate and respond to industry shifts.

Case law and legal research

Our legal researchers and librarians have the same experience, education and skills you would hire yourself. Go virtual through our secure research portal or choose onsite at your location, whatever your preference. We work with all the major platforms like Bloomberg, LexisNexis, Westlaw and many of the niche and upcoming tools. Most importantly, we get up-to-speed quickly to add value from day one.

Legal marketing and business development

As legal service options become more plentiful, law firms are focusing on marketing and business development, making competitive and market intelligence a vital information resource. By keeping you abreast of competitors, market conditions and most importantly, your clients’ industries and issues, we enable you to develop and implement more sophisticated and effective strategies and plans.

Information as you like it

  • Responses to specific queries to ease workflow and meet your internal demand.
  • Daily and weekly executive briefings that synthesize the most recent, relevant data from multiple expert sources to produce customized and digestible insights at a competitive cost.
  • Access to your branded, fully customized Market Intelligence Platform to search, download, archive and share your custom intelligence data.
  • Content on-demand such as customer and prospect profiles, market research for client and panel pitches and benchmark assessments of key competitors in any market or practice area.
  • Ready-made market content for outreach and thought leadership such as client newsletters, whitepapers, infographics, case studies and blog or social media posts.


❝When we started using LAC’s virtual services to supplement our in-house library, we gained access to a wider knowledge base, and our attorneys were overjoyed when we announced that we were extending the library’s service hours.❞
Large law firm

Key legal industry services

Virtual or onsite research and intelligence

Support for information resource management

Partial or fully managed administrative services

How can we help your firm or legal department?

Remember LAC Group for information value and support that’s flexible and responsive to your needs and objectives. We’re happy to discuss not only your immediate concerns, but your plans for becoming a more agile, competitive firm. We invite you to further explore our website and click to our contact page for personal, confidential attention to any questions.