Services to optimize research, budgets and information resources

When and why do law firms turn to LAC Group?

The L in LAC could stand for Legal, since the company was founded by a law library director and the legal industry continues to be a major market. With over 30 years of medium-big law experience in the US, Canada and UK, LAC Group understands your opportunities and challenges and empowers you to address them:

  • Identifying new markets, practice areas and business opportunities
  • Retaining and expanding key client relationships
  • Staying ahead of the innovation / disruption curve
  • Avoiding future risks and competitive threats
  • Maximizing the firm’s financial resources to enhance profitability

The solutions start with identifying priorities and articulating how you will enable clients to achieve their goals and follows with context and analysis for insights, advantages and value.

Research and intelligence for all users and all information needs

Case law and legal research, competitive and market intelligence, financial and business information, technical research, social media monitoring and more—LAC Group’s virtual research and intelligence services give law firms the power to be more agile and responsive.

Because of our deep legal roots, we can hit the ground running, adding value from day one, handling specific queries or delivering curated briefings, reports, alerts, infographics and podcasts. Fill staffing or skills gaps and extend hours or locations to deliver better service to attorneys, marketing directors, business development teams and other decision-makers within the firm.

Flexible options for library and information services

Information management and library delivered as a service is the LAC Group approach, giving you the value of full utilization at a fraction of the cost, while reducing or removing administrative burdens. Our legal clients receive a wide range of services and support, from helping them manage and enhance their information services, to managing the function for them, including short-term projects and support for peak workloads.

Maximum profits through effective spend management

Nothing can boost free cash flow and bottom-line profitability as quickly or painlessly as good spend management techniques, which free resources for other needs and priorities. LAC Group’s spend management team has uncovered savings for law firms certain that they had optimal cost structures and procurement processes in place. You can get started with one indirect spend category and then take advantage of our holistic approach to uncover greater savings potential. We increase firm profitability by monitoring and containing costs on everything from information resources and services to black car transportation to office equipment and supplies. And because our bottom line is driven by your bottom line, our services pay for themselves.

❝When we started using LAC’s virtual services to supplement our in-house library, we gained access to a wider knowledge base, and our attorneys were overjoyed when we announced that we were extending the library’s service hours.❞
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Working with LAC Group

Having worked with law firms for over thirty years, we have experience working with many decision-makers with different needs and preferences. To help you navigate the ever-changing landscape for legal services, we strive to be responsive, working in partnership to deliver the support and value you’re seeking.

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Guidance on best ways to optimize information and other resources

Enhancing procurement to monitor and reduce expenses

Supporting innovation through meaningful insights and intelligence

Options for services

  • Virtual research and competitive intelligence services, available on-demand with agreed-upon terms and service levels.
  • Managed services, when you prefer the ease and economy of having a function operated for you.
  • Recommendations based on assessments and understanding of your goals and circumstances.

How can we support your firm?

Now that you know how LAC Group supports and adds value to medium-large law firms, keep us in mind for your needs. We’re happy to come in and discuss not only your current obstacles and immediate concerns, but your plans for becoming a more agile, competitive firm.