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Contextualized market intelligence briefs and reports give health and life sciences strategists and decision makers the actionable intelligence they need to stay ahead of the curve.

The challenge

Whether your arena is pharmaceuticals, health insurance, medical equipment, laboratory services or other healthcare products, insights to prevail in competitive arenas—both established and emerging—is the primary value delivered by LAC Group.

We understand the pressures (and opportunities) you face…

  • Multiple regulatory bodies
  • Fluctuating consumer perceptions and behaviors
  • Aging demographics
  • Shifting economic trends
  • Greater demands for accountability

…and we know you have no time to wade through copious or irrelevant data.

The solution





Your dedicated analyst team works closely with you to help clarify key intelligence topics and search parameters.

Quick and easy to scan, digestible daily / weekly briefs feature customized, contextualized market intelligence.

Team access to your customized market intelligence platform for search, downloads and sharing news and data.

Whenever you need it, leverage research to offset potential issues or take advantage of a new opportunity.

Sample health & life sciences intelligence topics

  • Industry trends
  • Market disruptors
  • Threats and opportunities
  • Client activities
  • Competitor activities and capabilities
  • Drug patents and pipelines
  • Drug research and development trends
  • Orphan drugs
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Healthcare industry projections
  • Regulatory developments
  • Government oversight
  • Healthcare reforms
  • Trends in care delivery and technology
  • Demographic and socioeconomic trends
  • Telehealth and other mobile trends
  • Integrated health management
  • Reimbursement
  • Health risk and coverage assessment

In the post-Affordable Care Act, health insurers and medical care providers in the US are undergoing profound change. Old foes are merging while new models and technologies enter the market every day. Rewards will go to those that can extract unnecessary costs out of the system.

With all this disruption, the race to innovation is on and the need for relevant, actionable intelligence has never been greater. The experienced researchers and analysts from LAC Group can deliver your version of “actionable insights” in a way that’s highly relevant, efficient and economical.