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Private equity firms, banks, brokers, insurance companies and other financial institutions have a lot to gain from LAC Group’s research & intelligence services.

You may be skeptical of that claim, thinking nobody knows research better than the financial industry. Yet there’s a diverse realm of vital information and current awareness that you’re likely missing out on—legal and regulatory matters, market and competitive intelligence, media intelligence, intellectual property and other topics.

LAC Group can help you bridge and fill any of your knowledge gaps, maximizing the data and information you do have, while making the most of your budgets and resources.

Delivering value from day one

Our managed service model and experienced teams begin delivering value from day one by empowering you to:

  • Identify new markets, potential risks and other opportunities and challenges
  • Retain and expand key client relationships
  • Get ahead and stay ahead of the innovation / disruption curve

Lacking skilled information professionals with hands-on knowledge of collecting, analyzing and applying information for business gain is no longer an obstacle. We can be your just-in-time resource to meet surging demand for intelligence and analytics, helping decision-makers identify patterns, understand connections and resolve issues.

Reliable support delivered just-in-time

Whether they entrust us with briefing them on market and competitive intelligence or optimizing their information resources, the leaders we work with gain value and peace of mind through their relationship with LAC Group:

  • Virtual teams—Flexible, responsive and cost-effective support as-needed.
  • Expanded research breadth and depth—New intelligence capabilities and capacity.

“The financial services industry is increasingly being driven by new technologies—to stay competitive, our clients need sound insights regarding the opportunities and risks they present.”

Analyst Barry Charuk

Leverage market and competitive intelligence

Our researchers and analysts will find, assess and deliver the most relevant and actionable intelligence you need to track competitors, clients, markets, individuals and anything else. If we don’t have the subject matter expertise you need, we’re positioned to get it for you, alleviating your search and recruit burden. Pick a topic, any topic, including:

  • Retail banking, insurance offerings and other financial service trends
  • Emerging payment, mobile banking and other fintech developments and disruptions
  • Islamic finance and other foreign and niche markets
  • Competitive threats and opportunities
  • Specific client and competitor activities
  • Demographics, socioeconomic trends and behavioral client segments
  • Online trading platforms
  • Cybersecurity and cloud computing topics
  • Personnel movement
  • Macro- and micro-economic trends
  • Capital markets
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Risk governance
  • Regulatory developments and financial reforms

Briefings and reports can be customized to reflect any demand-driven developments that frame risk and opportunity. The headwinds facing the banking and financial industry are getting stronger: financial technology start-ups, stiffer regulations and market expectations to name the top three. LAC Group will buffer those forces with services and skills to help you achieve and maintain your own competitive advantage.

Trust and accountability

You’ve probably never heard our name because we’re one of those silent partners working diligently in the background, providing value-add service and support with outcomes that matter the most to financial services clients:

  • More efficient business operations
  • Optimizing portfolio value
  • Gaining the information edge

Now that you have an idea of who we are and what we can do, we invite you to learn more.