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Banking & finance

Even financial data experts need research support

Companies in private equity, insurance, banking, brokerage and other financial services have a lot to gain from the value and expertise of LAC Group in two critical areas—research / intelligence support and indirect spend management services.

Your employees can read and interpret financial data, yet the financial sector is struggling to find the skills they need to source, interpret and monitor a wide range of information—structured and unstructured. Fill your knowledge gaps with help from our virtual research team and other information management services.

LAC Group’s flexible offerings support agile organizations in a variety of areas, including:

  • Research and reference support for legal and regulatory matters, competitive intelligence, intellectual property and other topics.
  • Information support to help assess, prioritize and minimize risks.
  • Knowledge management (KM) services for skills transfer, lessons learned and organizational “memory” of critical information.

A professional librarian is a valuable, untapped resource for these information management needs and more, and the “L” in LAC Group stands for library. Need we say more?

CI BI for investment PE firms
Competitive intelligence for finance

Your business is spending too much, unnecessarily

Operating expenses

Finance expenses

HR expenses

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Office products and services
  • Print, MFDs and other document management costs
  • Telecom and information technology
  • Electronic payment and commerce
  • Treasury management
  • Background screening
  • Payroll services
  • Retirement services
  • Staffing and recruiting

Our spend experts have a proven track record of enhancing profitability by monitoring spending activity on these and other goods and services needed to run your business. And we help private equity firms maximize their portfolio value by consolidating purchasing, managing vendors, optimizing contracts and implementing procurement best practices.

LAC Group financial services clients include

Oaktree Capital
Goldman Sachs
Stifel Financial

Guidance for your information challenges

From research and reference support to indirect spend management expertise, LAC Group is a valued resource to the financial services industry—even though you’ve probably never heard our name.

But now that you have an idea of who we are and what we can do, we invite you to learn more.