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Ron Friedmann on two tiers in law firms

LAC Group CIO quoted in ALM Media’s

Home News Ron Friedmann on two tiers in law firms

Ron Friedmann is reporting on the cultural legacy of the “two-tier system” in some big law firms, which view professional staff—from marketing to research to operations—differently from lawyers.

As a legal industry observer, thought leader and JD himself, Ron Friedmann, LAC Group Chief Knowledge & Information Officer, was asked to comment on the development of professional staff within law firms. He said that a host of professionals are working in law firms today that didn’t exist in any capacity before.

Ron is also quoted on his belief that cultural change is difficult in law firms and must be accompanied by behavioral changes, such as having the firm’s attorneys work more closely with staff and creating multidisciplinary teams:

“Multidisciplinary teams are what will be required to solve complex problems.” is owned and operated by ALM, LLC, delivering insights and resources to legal professionals.

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