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Ron Friedman on legal staffing transformation

LAC Group CIO quoted in Law360

Home News Ron Friedman on legal staffing transformation

Ron Friedmann

The last ten to twenty years have seen a major shift in law firm staffing and operations, and one of the outcomes has been smaller secretarial pools and a wider array of responsibilities, including some client service tasks.

In an article published June 21 on Law360, “Where Have All The Legal Secretaries Gone?”, writer Aebra Coe reports that the number of legal secretaries working in large law firms has changed from a ratio of one secretary supporting one or two attorneys to four attorneys, and as many as eight.

LAC Group CIO Ron Friedmann is one of several legal professionals providing context. As explained by Ron, the advent of technology and associates doing more work on their own have contributed to this shift.

Ron brings his own 360 degree view of law, with experience working for large law firms, legal software companies, legal consulting companies and now LAC Group.

Read the entire article here. (Law360 subscription required)