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Ron Friedman in Lawyers On Demand podcast

LAC Group CIO speaks on legal technology successes and challenges

Home News Ron Friedman in Lawyers On Demand podcast

Ron Friedmann

Ron Friedmann, LAC Group Chief Knowledge & Information Officer, is the featured guest on a podcast produced by Lawyers on Demand, a UK-based legal resourcing service provider. Called the LODcast, the program offers insights from experts around the world on topics affecting the legal profession.

In this episode from December 2, 2019, Ron talks to the LODcast host about the successes, failures and future of technology in the legal space. They also discuss the meteoric rise of legal operations, change management issues and examples of legal technology ROI. The recording is approximately twenty minutes long.

Prior to joining LAC Group, Ron collaborated with Lawyers on Demand on a legal technology report, Cutting Through the **I.T., which offers guidance on everything from solution design to adoption planning.

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